Seperis (seperis) wrote,

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Hypothetical PSAs for My Fic

Stolen from a locked entry, it was just too--something. But yes, I never warn, and now I worry about the youth of America and how they might read my fic.

Your friendly neighborhood PSAs. I think if everyone follows these simple rules, they will be happier.

1.) Do not have sex with the exceedingly hot guy who heads up a major religion. Really don't sleep with him if he *is* the religion.

2.) Do not sleep with the junkie younger brothers of once-best-friend-turned enemy megalomaniacs. That way lies serious headaches and several showers to wash off the blood.

3.) No matter how bad your mood is, do not have sex with your husband's former best friend who hates your guts and regularly posts articles decrying your evil. Seriously, that shit will put you on the couch for *years*.

4.) Don't have sex with sociopathic serial killers, even the really hot ones who carry big guns and like getting dirty. No, wait....

5.) Don't *ever* even *fantasize* about having sex with anyone who might at any time turn eight years old on you, or you might as well just marry your psychotherapist, because that's probably going to be your primary relationship for a very long time.

6.) Don't ever be in a position to be hung from the ceiling by an ex-boyfriend. It will end with weird, kinky sex. Which could be good, actually. Maybe you should ignore this one.

ID the story, get a point! The points aren't redeemable, but I smile a lot.

Hmm. It's like teh summary game, but dirtier.
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