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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
You ever have a morning where you get to work, and for some reason, you feel *really good* about the universe?

Yes. I'm having one of those. I think it's the fact I brought coffee from home today, and still have half a cup left. Or it could be the proactive monring brownie, or the fact today is Snack Food day at work. Or maybe it's the fact I finally am comfortable enough using my ipod to bring it into public and believe I can still make it work.

Please, mark it and remind me so I can try to recreate this moment. I feel like singing. And I would, if the rest of the people on my aisle didn't scare me to death. Also, singing Adrenaline, while inspiring for everyone? Probably is not the most appropriate work behavior.

*grins* Oh yeah. This is definitely the result of a brownie. I think I'll have another.

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Heh. I've had eight shots of espresso this morning. It's taking all of my self-control not to type everything in all caps.

Dude. Some chick stopped me *between cubicles* to compliment me on my hair. This does *not happen*. Ever. This is the equivalent of--well, there is no equivalent. It's just scary, yet I am in the glowing place!

Mmm. Espresso. You make me slightly envious, but currently, I am listening to Sting's I'll Be Watching You and in the place where I want to write wildly successful Stalker!Rodney. And John hiding a lot on Atlantis.

I feel *good*. Yes, brownies. Ooh. What we need? Are *espresso* *chocolate* brownies. Wow. Yes.

Also, you and Moonlash *owe me*. Now I am stuck with thoughts of how Wilson was recruited to SGC and vanished on some planet and Sheppard, cause he has this thing for making himself guilty, goes personally to tell Wilson's family and House and COMFORT SEX ensues, leading to House coming back to the SGC knowing everything and starting The Hunt for Jimmy Over the Galaxy with Rodney kind of shell-shocked and he and House *yell* at each other in every staff meeting and Elizabeth gets an addiction to tranquilizers while John wonders worriedly if he'll ever get through a staff meeting again without getting hot and bothered.


That? Is one long sentence.

Go you for basking in the glowing place! Brownies and being deliberately flagged down for a compliment on your hair? Excellent! (Are the curls you're sporting in the recent bunny picture natural, btw?)

My day at work, it is not going quite so chocolately yet. But with the events in progress? NEED. CHOCOLATE. SOON.

I am so loving your crossover thoughts! I am all about seeing House get around! And, fuckcrapdammithell, I'm totally watching SGA this weekend to find out why everyone is so excited that House spent time in Egypt, too. I presume that's where Shep spent time as a kid?

And Stalker!Rodney? After Hiding!Shep? Damn it! I've already succumbed to SUPERNATURAL this week. How much more lust can I be expected to survive?

This is, of course, assuming I SURVIVE my day at work. Talk to me about hot guys, Jenn. I'm having a nervous breakdown thanks to the gleefully insane big boss and my over-caffeinated system and THE DEAD RAT THAT IS NOT INSULATION.

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