Seperis (seperis) wrote,


You ever have a morning where you get to work, and for some reason, you feel *really good* about the universe?

Yes. I'm having one of those. I think it's the fact I brought coffee from home today, and still have half a cup left. Or it could be the proactive monring brownie, or the fact today is Snack Food day at work. Or maybe it's the fact I finally am comfortable enough using my ipod to bring it into public and believe I can still make it work.

Please, mark it and remind me so I can try to recreate this moment. I feel like singing. And I would, if the rest of the people on my aisle didn't scare me to death. Also, singing Adrenaline, while inspiring for everyone? Probably is not the most appropriate work behavior.

*grins* Oh yeah. This is definitely the result of a brownie. I think I'll have another.
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