Seperis (seperis) wrote,


I need to seriously *stop* with the Alanis Morrissette connection here--I just think putting up an Alanis and Coldplay playlist says, I need to get new music, and what the HELL, Fashes, that's *good stuff* you sent. Wow.

And also, there is just no way that John Sheppard and James Wilson would bond over hair care while House and Rodney destroyed the egos of everyone at the SGC. Later, Rodney and House find their respective boyfriends surrounded by half the female SGC and trashed beyond the English language to describe while everyone pets them and tells them how pretty they are.

Later, there is sex, but not before Rodney lectures John on getting drunk with men who blow-dry. And he keeps trying to make John's hair stick up again. It's all very sad. Rodney is hurt, John comforts, there is comforting mansex.

Wait. That is technically h/c! I have my romance, people!

I know it's wrong. I just don't care all that much.
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