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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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cubicle paranoia
moody cow
So, the new cubicle.

I mean, it's a cubicle, and it was back to back to my old one, so everything feels reversed and generally wrong, but kind of expected that. But being on a new aisle surrounded by new people is weird in a way I did't expect. The lights seem dimmer, and the air is colder, and I swear everything smells faintly of cheese. Going down the aisle feels wrong and I'm pretty sure that the fax machine over here is evil because it doesn't make the weird but endearing chirping sounds The Other Fax Machine of My Heart made.

There's a very real possibility that I'm going to have some kind of odd cubicle related dementia set in any second now. I mean, *cheese*.

Also, people keep walking by my cubicle who I do not know who look at me and I feel kind of violated in a very strange, officey way.

Seriously, I am this close to going for coffee, and I don't *drink* coffee anymore at work due to coffee-related paranoia. This can't end well.

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Also, people keep walking by my cubicle who I do not know who look at me and I feel kind of violated in a very strange, officey way.

Oh, I hate that. Gaah. I'm so glad I finally have my gianormous office with both front and back doors and, have I mentioned lately, its own kitchen.

*pets office*

I also have a huge, beautiful second desk on the other side of my office if you ever want to hang out here and escape from the evil fax machine, dude. *g*

Okay, that's just teasing.

*sulking in dark, strange-smelling cubicle of doom*

Oh, you're right. That was cruel of me.

How 'bout this...in a show of solidarity for your suffering, I'll stock my personal office kitchen fridge with Brie, Gorgonzola Dolce, and perhaps a bit of Stilton (for the fresh pears, of course) so that I too will have the faint smell of cheese lingering.

My god, woman. What did you ever do to deserve a friend like me? *g*

the wheel of karma turns

So, after teasing you about this? Yeah. The universe decided to show off its sense of humor.

Seriously, this ought to make you feel better about only having a cheese smell in your cubicle of doom. I mean, at least it's not the acrid tang of poison death gas. Small mercies and all.

ohmygod...cheese? That's ... that's just so wrong *G*.

I used to drink gallons of coffee at the office because, really, the only way I managed to get through the day was the caffeine-induced paranoia.

I'm beginning ot think I need to get to that place.

People keep--coming in. ANd *looking* at me. I mean, they say they have reasons? But I do not believe it.

*hands you an award for best laugh for an original RL post I've had today*

(It's a shiny award *g*)

I'll swap desks with you. I just got moved to a new desk, and it's too damned bright, and too warm. I miss my dark, cool corner.

(((hugs you))) because I used to be a cube dweller for years...

Now, at my advanced age I finally have a wall of windows in a real office with walls that go all the way to the ceiling... and a door that I regularly keep closed... because I CAN!

btw... your Moooody icon? I LIKE IT!

*grins* I love my moody icon. It's just so uplifting, in a moody way.


"Can you smell something?"

Rodney rolled his eyes, trying to make the gesture as obvious as possible. "No. No. I don't smell anything."

"I just..." John twitched his nose in a very rabbit-like way and took a few large sniffs. He adjusted his grip on the flight controls and looked suspiciously around the jumper. "I think I smell something."

"You don't. Trust me, you do not smell anything weird."

John said slowly, "I think I smell cheese."

"This is ridiculous," Rodney replied, hands waving. "This is a puddlejumper, just like the others. It does not smell of cheese. It does not make funny noises. It doesn't like you any less or any more than any of the others."

"It's not the one I usually fly. I'm telling you, Rodney, there's a difference. I can feel it."

"Then send Lorne a memo. Tell him next time his team can't take your jumper. Get someone to paint "Sheppard's" on it in big red letters." Rodney glared as hard as he could but John barely looked cowed. "Fly the ship, stop complaining, and let me work on these readings. Otherwise, we'll get to the planet that possibly has exciting new weapons and we won't be able to find them. Is that what you want?"

"No, but," John shrugged, "it feels wrong. And it smells of cheese."

"Shut up."

Sometimes, I have a terrible feeling that John and I have a lot more in common than I really ever want to admit, ever.

I am totally on wavelength here.


*cries laughing*

*cries laughing*

Then my work here is done.

Sometimes, I have a terrible feeling that John and I have a lot more in common than I really ever want to admit, ever.

Heh. That does explain a lot about you. And John, really.

Don't talk to me. I have to move in two weeks, not only to a different cubicle but to a different building. Granted, it's just next door. But I love my current cube. It's bright, I've got a desk that faces the opening so no one can see my monitor sneak up on me, and it looks out on a wall of windows so I can always see outside. The new cube... has none of that.

Paranoia, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again....

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