Seperis (seperis) wrote,

cubicle paranoia

So, the new cubicle.

I mean, it's a cubicle, and it was back to back to my old one, so everything feels reversed and generally wrong, but kind of expected that. But being on a new aisle surrounded by new people is weird in a way I did't expect. The lights seem dimmer, and the air is colder, and I swear everything smells faintly of cheese. Going down the aisle feels wrong and I'm pretty sure that the fax machine over here is evil because it doesn't make the weird but endearing chirping sounds The Other Fax Machine of My Heart made.

There's a very real possibility that I'm going to have some kind of odd cubicle related dementia set in any second now. I mean, *cheese*.

Also, people keep walking by my cubicle who I do not know who look at me and I feel kind of violated in a very strange, officey way.

Seriously, I am this close to going for coffee, and I don't *drink* coffee anymore at work due to coffee-related paranoia. This can't end well.
Tags: jenn's life, work
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