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Start with the usual.


Expectations 11 by girlinthetrilby. The much stalked, much whined at, much put upon Beth (did I mention I'm holding her cat hostage for more of this fic? Er, forget I said that) FINALLY released the fic we've all been waiting for, the birth of the Kent-Luthor triplets! Much drooling. Much joy. Much jenn-excitement. HAPPY!


The Seventh Day by melo. A bittersweet glimpse at a future Superman. Hurts. Muchly.

Breathing Room by Nitelite. A post-Prodigal Lex fic. I like Lex's voice in this, introspective and not quite bitter so much as thoughtful.

Smallville Who's Who, A Music Video by the endlessly talented ivyblossom. Okay, this is one of those times I say, do this RIGHT now. Because this is funny. And cool. And I love Ivy. Love her much. *giggling*

Places to Go

Style in fiction seems to be the discussion topic of interest. Which, by the way? Love to read these.

thamiris starts us off here with some great insights into both what she reads for and how she writes.

lexluvsclark continues here with some text comparisons and lyricism in fiction, which is very interesting.

Up to the last one I read...

corinna_5 chimes in with more thoughts on style here.

Art Things:

Kat sent me the loveliest cover today for In the Absence. *happy sigh* Lucex. Lux (who thought of that one again?). Lexus. Hee. Sorry. I always giggle.

Love Kat. She's so GOOD at this. I spend quality time staring at it moodily. Yes, Lucas apparently does really do things for me. *sighs*

Other Things

Reality Television is taking a turn for scariness with the teaser for the new show, which for the life of me, I think I've blocked the name due to trauma.

It's like we're resurrecting the Dark Ages. First we had the Alaska girls with their dowries (DOWRIES?), then all these bizarre versions of Cindarella sans evil family, now we get the Classic Arranged Marriage as chosen by television viewers.

Thing is? I wouldn't trust the television viewers in general to choose my socks in the morning.

I'm scared to death I am going to watch this show, just for the car accident fascination of watching people actually put their marital fate into what amounts to being a huge blender of bizarrity. I have a better idea. Put on a blindfold, go outside, and the next person you run into? Marry him/her/it. Trust me, your chances are about the same for happiness.

Okay, I may be watching. This is like watching civilization crumble. Unattractively. *g*

Nah, I'm not quite that cynical.

I've been throwing this story together. Non-fanfic--it's for a friend, one of those family stories that gets told over dinner at reunions and stuff? Surprise surprise, my family actually has GOOD ones. Okay, some are highly unverifiable, but also bizarre.

For example, my favorite of the group:

The Great Uncle Who Went To Calfornia with His Family and Returned WITHOUT Family, Moved Into Trailer (possibly a Trailer Park) With Another Woman, and Never Mentioned the California Family Again, Ever, Except Maybe to Sister, Deceased. That's verifiable, since currently living relatives can remember that, yet he is dead, and apparently, the secret went with him.

Then there's The Legend of the Lost Silver Mine of Robert Grabs in Arizona (Arkansas, Colorado, take your pick). Great, great grandfather's brother, if I squint. It's the best one but also the one I least believe. Genetically, my father's mother's side has Money Issues. Or, an inability to really get the CONCEPT of money. Luckily, they usually marry accountants or people who have no money themselves. It's genetic.

Then there's the really GOOD stories, the ones we were all told to go play in my cousin's room before they'd tell. I still can't get those out often. You know, half-sentences and semi-mysteries and that drives me crazy.


Darn them for privacy!
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