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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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whee remix!
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, *cool*.

My remixer *rocks*. Pedagogically Sound, remix of Instructional, and Lorne's pov is just--yeah. I can totally get behind it happening *just like this*.

God, poor John. Poor Lorne. *grins* Big fun.

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Oooh! Yay. That's one of my faves of your stories. Can't wait to read the remix.

How cool! What a great remix... or rather a different POV...

And how deeply hilarious...

Poor John


I still like yours better *G*, I think. Though The Incident With The Transporters That Day, once I got done laughing my ass off I thought...my god...if Rodney did something like that to me, I'd shoot him as soon as I got my stomach back on line and then never speak to him again.

I have this thing I do when fanfic Rodney does things that would, in a fair universe, lead to his slow demise by citrus.

I always end with--"and tehn Rodney blew him many, many, many times."

I comfort myself that after The Incident With the Transporters, Rodney made sure John got all the really, really good ice cream and woke up the next morning to discover his romo was covered in wallpaper depicting happy dancing citrus fruit.

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