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i feel a sarah mclachlan tune coming to mind....

...for a boring Sunday afternoon.


Prodigal Ficlet by girlinthetrilby. Ooh, it does my heart good. Adorable Clexiness and so sweet and mmm. Yes. Goodness. Everywhere. *hugs beth*

Incurable and A Happy Place by bexless. I think I recced both when they were in LJ format, but final versions are now posted to the SSA, so you know, can't hurt you at ALL to go read and revel. Revel a LOT.

Seduction by Lenore. Because it's--creepy. And right. And still so damn creepy. Clark and Lionel is just a pairing that knee-jerk yells 'no no no' yet reading you this just end up saying, 'yes yes yes'. And you know? Can't see how Clark's getting over THIS anytime soon. The worst part is, this is one thing he can't ever tell. God. Dammit. Poor Clark.

After All by liviapenn. A lovely Jonathan POV Prodigal fic. Very sympathetic and understandable Jonathan Kent on family, his life with Martha, and Lex Luthor. Very lovely.

Become by ivyblossom. Lex watches his dad die and contemplates his life. Sort of. It's moving and heartwrenching, but what I liked best about it was Lex thinking he was objective when he's not objective at all.


Other Things

I got depressed today when I started reading an author I used to love and who now seriously, seriously annoys me. For the record, Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables amongst others, and I was enjoying a lazy afternoon reading The Story Girl when she managed in three pages to jerk me out, asking myself, okay, does she mean to be this depressing and dismal about life or is it just me?

I overlooked the mild sense of racism in some of her work--thank you God she didn't make it constant--but geh. She has a tendency to be generally okay with people being very nasty if they're in the right social class and a frustrating (okay, very, very frustrating) thing with characters mentioning child abuse and then leaving it at that.

Though granted these are written in a completely different time period with a completely differnet mindset than today, so it's not as if I can judge. I do get that. Just. Can I be the only one who spent most of Rainbow Valley, even as a kid, wanting to smash that stupid minister's head in because he never paid attention to his children? Ever? At all? And doesn't correct this despite the fact his kids are half-starving, underdressed, and getting ill at random intervals, almost dying, and pretty much showing every major sign of neglect in the book? And people TELL him? Yet they don't do anything either.

Okay, yes, reading from a completely different time period and all that, but still. I don't get nearly as annoyed by romance novels or historial novels that pull this sort of thing. I suppose it's just--they were my favorites when I was young, I read everything by her, wanted to write at least partially because of her, so it's harder to read now and see these huge flaws I now have serious problems with.

Okay, rant over. *sighs* I should avoid books I read when I was a kid, so I can keep the memories, dammit.


Post Valentine's Day sugar-deprivation commencing. I think everything chocolate in the house has been comsumed. I comfort myself with thoughts of Easter and Cadbury cream eggs. Lots of them.

Okay, going to go look for something to do. Thinking up new and exciting ways to squick myself shall be relegated to another time.

Though. In the spirit of martianhousecat, a rule for writing Clark.

1.) At no time, at any age, in any universe, for any reason other than a radical sex change in which he possesses only female sexual organs AND ALSO thinks of himself AS a woman, should Clark be referred to at any time, in any way, for any reason, as Mommy by either his genetic and/or adopted/foster offspring, his significant other of whatever sex or neuter he/she/it may be, or any person at all, living, dead, or in-between, past, present, or future, including any and all multidimensional beings, clones, artificial intelligences, or deities.

Did I cover all my bases for that one?

*buries head in hands*

Anyone wanna add a rule?
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