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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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prison fantasy
children of dune - leto 1
That Atlantis the prison colony idea is lingering.


I mean, I could see it. The worst criminals are sent to the planet of Atlantis in the far off Pegasus galaxy, and there's international spy and espionage expert Dr. Elizabeth Weir, notorious for her extremely bloody coup of South America before she was finally captured. There's Dr. Rodney McKay, physicist and bomb expert, brilliant and unstable, who blew up a populated solar system and built the first ZPM bombs against Geneva conventions (plus, his habit of killing his staff when they piss him off), and Dr. Carson Beckett, who was convicted of crimes against humanity for human experimentation and cloning. Ooh, and John Sheppard, former black ops military assassin and mass murderer (or serial killer, or both), sociopath and weapons expert, who used the first ZPM bomb to level Afghanistan and make it unfit for human occupation *ever* and a free agent who takes assassination contracts for fun. Ford, his drug-addicted second in command with a gift for torture. Bates and Lorne, John's favorite henchman who are all about the mass death and destruction. Zelenka this sneaky engineer who used to help Rodney cover up his crimes and does other brilliant, horrible things. And they all meet at Atlantis and it is totally True Love Foever. Cause they are totally like, huh, we could rule this galaxy. And kill lots and lots of people.

Oh *wow*. Could you see them taking over Atlantis from poor, poor Sumner? *Man*. John would totally get on wavelength with the violent warrior Athosians led by Teyla, and Elizabeth would lead them to a takeover of the Pegasus galaxy. And all the prisoners are given to Carson to cackle over madly and Rodney's all, when do I get to play with bigger weapons? LEt's try for something *galaxy-breaking* and everyone lives happily ever after. And then they decide to conquer the Milky Way.

Maybe Ronon could be like, the last freedom fighter with the sad little Genii behind him, which of course is so sad because Rodnney's like, can I blow it up, and John's like, can't I go in alone with a couple of knives and a rifle, and Carson's whining, but I need more people for my iratus bug experiments! And Elizabeth ruffles all their hair and says indulgently, sure, we can do *all of that*. And bring me Kolya's head on a platter. And pick up some milk on the way home.

*sighs wistfully*

It would happen like that. It would totally happen like that.

Are you expecting people to try to *discourage* this?

And Elizabeth ruffles all their hair and says indulgently, sure, we can do *all of that*. And bring me Kolya's head on a platter. And pick up some milk on the way home.

Will begging help? Because I love Evil!Elizabeth.

It would be so over the top. I mean, I'd totally do it as a supermelodrama, with Elizabeth seducing her entire staff and John and Rodney fucking like rabbits and just *loving* it when Elizabeth sends them all out together to terrorize the universe and Carson just *cackling all the time*, and oh, they capture Chaya and hold hostage their first Ascended Ancient, and it's *too much*.

*zones out*

*whaaaaaa!!!* I want to read this! I'm smiling and it's scary and... going back to work now.

You're not the only one. *sighs*

I do believe I muttered imprecations in your general direction yesterday ...

You mind is a fascinating scary place.

Two comments? Bad html? Me?

*grins* COOL.

Hmm. Maybe a snippet. Something with them taking over Atlantis, maybe. *grins*

Your mind is a scary, wonderful place. This story needs to be written because it will be twisted, and dirty, and bad, and wrong and perfect.

Oh God, ,yes, dirty and twisty adn so so so wrong.


I so, so want to read this! :D

Day=made. *laughs evilly and a leetle crazily* And Elizabeth ruffles all their hair and says indulgently, sure, we can do *all of that*. And bring me Kolya's head on a platter. And pick up some milk on the way home.

*laughs more*

Wow, that is so amazingly.

Just. . . wow. It's taking that "Atlantis people as Villians" Idea to a whole new level.

What would happen to the Wraith, how would they be seen in perspective to this I wonder.

Also, wow again, because, just, why does it work so well??

Oh yeah. *grins* It's just so *sparkly*.

This reminds me of the WiP snippet you posted a while back, that had John and crew forcibly taking ZPMs from terrified natives (with maiming threats, even!), only the setup for this is clearer. I'm intrigued, because it would twist all the characters but be based on things they've done in the show. Take a few negative moments and extrapolate them all - it's the mirror universe Atlantis!

*grins* See, I was thinking that when I was imagining this time, except I want to do it where htey're all freinds as well, instead of jockeying for power. So they're all crazy and terrifying and *loyal* to each other. And completely, completely insane.


I really really love your brain.

I mean, I can't even THINK of cool scenarios like that...

much less write anything fabulous.

*grins* I wish *I* could write it.

The rabbits are so attempting mind control.

Also, Ronan would totally be about hunting down people because he is a works both sides of the law bounty hunter and he initially comes to Atlantis to take out Sheppard and McKay and Weir, but they offer him more money and Teyla sweetens the deal, so he stuffs more knives in his hair and calmly double-crosses his original contractor (Kolya). Meanwhile, his hair becomes a handy tool for smuggling high explosives, which makes McKay a Very Happy Nutcase. McKay and Sheppard have this weirdly intense relationship which seems to work for them - Rodney makes bombs and John gets to use them and the sex is explosive too.


I have no hope of writing my gentle character study love story now.

OH! And also, John coos at the bombs and stuff in FRENCH, the language of revolution!

Hmmm, see I think Ronon is the scary cannibal who hunts Wraith for sport.

The Genii definitely have to be the good guys, valiently trying to become a nuclear power before the Atlanteans take over.

Mmmm he *could*. *ponders*

*g8ggle* It really should.

It'd be *pretty*. So pretty.

Please, can I have some more?

This would be the very best AU ever and it's hardly fair to tease us with just talking about it. Please, please, please. I'll grovel. I'll beg. Write this, or hold someone else at gunpoint and make them write it. (Though you'd do it better.)

The rabbits want you to do it.

You know they do.

I do feel the rabbits would approve. *nods seriously* They are like that.

See above, snippet from Joh's arrival. *bites lip* It's just--irresistible.


You beautiful non-conventional thinker, you, I haven't even finished my first cup of coffee yet, and already my brain is being twisted in ways I just didn't see coming.

I see it playing out so prettily in my mind, and I want to be there. Holy crap, can you see shy little Miko as, like, this seriously scary dominatrix that EVERYBODY fears ... and Kavanaugh should be the freedom fighter, maybe trying to atone for his own crimes, but everybody else is just too damn SMART and working TOGETHER against him as always and he's stuck with the sub-par technology of the Genii and all his plans get whumped on a regular basis, like every damn time!


Hmm. I could snippet it, at least. Scenes From a Prison Movie. *grins* Really scary prison movie.