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topic 4, 5, and 6
children of dune - leto 1
Topic #4 -- sport of my choice, from soul_cake_duck

Okay, this will be a disappointment. I played basketball and ran track when I was in junior high/high school, was a JH and JV cheeerleader, and in Finland, my boyfriend taught me the value of hockey. Other than spectator gymnastics and figure skating? Yeah, not much.

Topic #5 -- Curtains? Do you have an entry worth on curtains? by sociofemme

Okay, moment here--I own no curtains. But I am looking for curtains for my bed, since it's with the canopy frame thing. Preferably something in gothic romantic vampire. Also, Lowe's has a really *cool* selection, though sadly, nothing in romantic gauze.

Topic #6 -- Things that are attractive about Rodney. from nevermind98

It took me a bit to warm up to him as more than interesting, but...

Yeah, he totally warmed me.

Okay, believe it or not, the intelligence did not do it.

1.) Hide and Seek/38 Minutes/Epiphany - I pin these two together because they hit two important character qualities -- courage and competence under pressure. Competence itself is pretty freaking rare, and competence under a semi-death sentence is kick-ass. Rodney reacted like a person panicking and performed like a professional. He kept *thinking*. That? Was seriously cool. In Hide and Seek, he worked his way *up* to courage. I'm pretty sure he dared himself into it. I admire that. And having both at the same time he's proved over and over again. Amazing.

Epiphany was a different kind, and it's all that *focus*. He has his focus, he knows *what to do*, and you either get on or get your ass out of the way already. *Competence*, certainty, and more than any of these things, utter determination.

2.) The Defiant One - definitely played to his strengths; his competence, his loyalty, and his ability to *listen when told something important*. That last one is pretty big on my list of Necessary Things. And dear God, I loved him absolutely *restless* with not being out in the field, but instead in relative safety. Drove him *nuts*. That is not early first season Rodney at all. Frankly, I have a theory that John bet him a game of prime-not-prime to get him out in the field in the first place, and I say this without insult to the character, he was lab oriented, not practical application and tromping down the fields. I just don't see him saying, oh yes, send *me* to probable death and use my talents pointlessly. So yeah. It was such a change, and for this show? Pretty damn subtle. That kicked ass.

3.) Trinity - okay, *wow*. It's--*waves arms*--passion and intensity and brilliance and focus and all that fantastic belief in himself that just blows. My. Mind. I mean, he's a scientist, but that's the first time I could see him love what he does. NOt like, not enjoy because it just shows off how brilliant he is. Passion for what he does, love for what he can create, it's--wow. I just--I mean, John's kinda pissy with the near death due to arrogance? Right. But later? Oh later, there was sex. There was amazing sex. I just--yeah, this is totally pornographic to me. That ep is my top three for that.

And any time a thigh holster is involved? Good times.

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It's very rare that I see anyone talk about Rodney in a good light while touching upon Trinity. I think the reason why I'm finding it a bit challenging to write my post-Trinity fic is because there's so many subtle messages underneath the glaring ones. You've mirrored some of my thoughts here, though. *g*

Loved all the episodes you mentioned, but the first time I saw an episode from start to finish was Trinity. Wow, was I sold on everything then, but specially Rodney.

:nods in agreement:

I love all those episodes that you mentioned but Hide and Seek was the one that clinched it for me. Before that I just found him annoying and hunky. H&S made me sit up and take notice and it made him more interesting.

Defiant One showed us that the Rodney who started off in Episode 1 had changed. And that moment when Gaul shot himself, the expression on his face was just exactly what I loved about him. He may not express himself well at times, but his face just says it all.

On the other hand, maybe I just love the way David Hewlett plays him!

Oh, and love the thigh holster too!

Yes, Rodney is multi-dimensional. Yes, he's stubborn; but there are many layers to that stubborness that permits other qualities to shine through. The character is *complex*. That's why I love him. So much fun to watch!

Oh Rodney!

Hide and Seek made me proud of and for him, Letters from Pegasus made me love him, and Epiphany made me hot for him.

1) I started to fall for Rodney in Hide and Seek and fell ass over teakettle for him in 38 Minutes for exactly the reason you state. His courage under fire - which was so very much in evidence in Inferno - makes me weak in the knees. Love that about him.

2) I think there was another factor that led to him accepting a position on Sheppard's team. Captain/Major/Lt. Col. Samantha Carter. No matter how poorly their relationship started out, by the end of Redemption 2 he thoroughly admired her. So I think part of the appeal of being on the team was, in part, to emulate Sam - though he'd have his finger and toenails torn out before he'd admit that. :)

3) One thing I seldom see mentioned when I see discussions about Trinity was one thing I picked up on, and that he was already feeling guilty about Collins's death and really did want the project to succeed so that yet another scientist's death while under his command would not be in vain. The end of that episode ripped my heart right out.

So I think part of the appeal of being on the team was, in part, to emulate Sam - though he'd have his finger and toenails torn out before he'd admit that. :)

I think there's a whole lot of wanting to *be* Sam tangled up in Rodney's wanting to be with her.

I'll admit it took me a while to go from being entertained by Rodney to really liking him. It's a big part of the reason why I took so long in joining the SGA fandom as from the outside it looked so Rodney-centric and I found him overwritten in a lot of the stories I happened across.

But he did definitely grow on me, and for a lot of the same reasons you mention above. The number one reason absolutely is his competence. It's really fucking hot. And yes, especially combined with the focus. I love how he'll flutter around and be completely ridiculous and then the next minute the switch is flipped and he's all in control and ordering people around. And they listen because he knows what he's doing. That combination of ridiculous and competence is tricky to pull off in fic I think but when people do I am absolutely in love.

I get the sense from Rodney that he always had the potential to be his Atlantis self, but he was hampered by his personality and the resultant effect of no one (including himself) taking him seriously as anything beyond pet genius. And here comes Sheppard who refuses to take the whole "I am Rodney here me roar" thing seriously at all, but does take Rodney himself and his very real abilities seriously and treats especially the latter with respect. Rodney can whine all he wants about danger or the tramping about in the field or whatever, but Sheppard mostly just looks at him like "Very funny, but I know you're cool". I can how someone like Rodney would respond to that.

And yeah, Trinity. Their best episode ever and by far. I do wish we'd get to see more of that side of both Rodney and Sheppard--the passion for knowledge that drove Rodney into science and the ideals (which we see hinted at in John's wide protective streak) which led John to join the military.

and if you've seen inferno, rodney's just spectacular there.

plus? jealous!john.

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