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topic #3b

Cut for--well, I'm not sure, but it seems polite when discussing what your kinks are. I have no idea why. Hmm

Topic #3 b - Top ten bullet proof kinks by eretria

1.) Sharp objects, guns, *weapons*. Personal ones. Blowing up things. That sort of thing. Lex with a gun at the end of season one, John *every episode oh my GOD yes*, the thigh holsters, the C4, *phasers*, and phaser rifles--oh man, that ep of Voyager where they walked around with phaser rifles. Good times.

2.) Body marking; tattoos, branding (sometimes), body paint, henna, drawing on the body (God, Under the Skin), etc.

3.) Jealousy. Preferably the kind that leads to possessive sex. Rodney jealous works best for me because he can fuck your life up. John might shoot and regret it, but you peeve Rodney, you have no hot water and an overflowing toilet. Forget laundry. So yeah. Though John is fun, too.

4.) Possessive sex. Preferably the kind involving bondage.

5.) Bondage. I have no caveats.

6.) Saving the universe from the apocalypse, armageddon, epic armies of evil aliens. Seriously. You see why I was slavish to Buffy.

7.) Good characters going bad. Then going good again. Eventually. I mean, after a lot of terrible, terrible things. Yes.

8.) Fandom-specific = Atlantis control chair sex. I have read the most horrible fic in creation to get my fix on that one.

9.) This is caveated heavily, but it still counts. I like some kinds of D/s. But humiliation types do nothing for me at all. It's a weird line in that--I'll read *just for that* but I can still really dislike it a lot. Hmm. But yeah. Close enough.

10.) Ritual things. I mean, not just aliens-make-them-have-sex though I love those. To hit the place I will read despite the fact i see the word wonton? Rituals with meaning and tradition, force behind them, ones I believe. They can also include all of the above. Has anyone read one of any of teh above?

And Bonus!

11.) Caveated, but mostly true. Prison sex. The long, plotty kind. With scary other prisoners and fighting for food and protecting each other and discovering the inner gay in a filthy corner of a cell oh God I want to write this so much could someone please please please?
Tags: fandom: stargate:atlantis, meta
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