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The Toybox

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fannish love, five through seven
children of dune - leto 1
Flowergate has taken on new--okay, so not going there today. There was a meeting and that's all I will say. I'm in the fannish happy zone. Just--no.

Alrighty then.

5.) Most recently, John in The Eye and The Storm. Well, not most recently, but I remember watching that and it just *cementing* my eternal, unquestioning love for John. Basically, it was two moments. My personnal favorite was him hanging from teh catwalk thing pointing his gun down. Oh dear God yes. Second favorite, muttering What would McKay do? Happy. Happy place.

6.) After I got QaF season one, I watched all twenty-something eps in four days from nine o'clock at night until three in the morning. I got up at seven to go to work. I so didn't give a shit. Fannish *high*. I did something similiar with Atlantis, actaully, but with slightly more sleep. Not much more. But slightly. Then of course, I was also AIMing Madelyn or someoen every second saying OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS HE IS HANGING FROM THE CATWALK!!!!!!

7.) And seven. Hmm. I'd been out of fandom for a couple of months, and off the internet, and when I got back, I had about four stories I'd finished and a few I'd almost finished. I posted one immediately, because well, I'm a fangirl, and so I posted Blow Your Mind and kind of expected no one to notice. Three months is as good as a year in fandom, so I figured it would be a while before anyone started to read me again.

I was wrong.

Good times.

Okay, on to next topic.

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John in The Storm and The Eye is hotness personnified. He's so *competent*.

Probaby my favorite lines from The Eye:

BECKETT: These wee dots don't tell us much about whose who… How do we know which one's the Major?

FORD: He'll be the dot getting rid of the other dots.

I fucked up the first time rushing through those episodes (Storm/Eye) but I had the time and mindframe to *really* watch them on my way to Escapde. It was so good to see him just knowing what he needed to do. Competent can be much with the hotness.

Number 5? I am so glad I live alone, because the catwalk scene? Caused me to say, right out loud and without consulting my brain, "Oh my God, fuck me now." To Sheppard-in-the-TV. Which strikes me as a bit over the top, but Christ, that was the hottest thing I have ever seen.

(My assassin-competence kink is showing, I think.)

I have a friend who doesn't get John. She gets Rodney, but not John. I have informed her that it's because she never watched the Storm and the Eye, because how can you not love the competance? the faith? the working together even while on opposite ends of the psycho bad guy? The doing horrible things and knowing exactly how horrible they are but doing them anyway because they need to happen and damn it they pissed him off?

Competance is so. sexy. *guuuuuh*

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