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children of dune - leto 1
And skipping bullet-proof kinks--I'll get back that one. I know I have a list somewhere and I want to see if it still holds true.

Now for something different.

Topic #3 - rivier asked for "Fandom, please, because today I'm full of feeble fannish love. Can you list a few - maybe seven? I like that number - moments in anything you've had fannish love for, where remembering them in public makes you smirk in ways you wouldn't want to have to explain to a stranger? Not porn, necessarily, not anything ground-shaking. Just the things that bring a smile to your face when you think about them. The "that's my show / film / boys..." feeling.</i>

Ooh, pretty, thank you!

Okay, seven.


Okay, I hope this works, it's highly personal.

1.) The first time I received feedback on a story--Jamelia at PTFever--I was *so happy*. She offered to beta, did a fantastic beta, and I resent it out and got *more* feedback and I was *hooked*. The first time I was recced, and oh God, so ashamed, but when I got Best New Author in the ASC awards, I was sitting there with like, tears in my eyes. The sad part is, I was a vote counter, so I kind of *guessed*, but I only did line counts. And ASC awards were feedbacked, so the high of getting these people writing paragraphs about how much they liked me--wow.

2.) The first time I cowrite with rageprufrock -- okay, she may disagree, but I was freaking *high* when writing with her. She wrote as fast as I did, we anticipated each other on plot points without even discussing it, and it just *flowed* most of the time. Especially This, Too.

3.) The day after I saw Trinity was like--in a daze. I have no idea if it affected anyone like it affected me, but until then, I really didn't get canon Rodney. But that was fricking *amazing*. To me, it paralled some of Hot Zone in what makes John and Rodney who they are, and it just utterly floored me that they got that right. There is nothing about that episode I do not love. Well, the Teyla and Ronon didn't do much for me, but other than that? Yes. Amazing.

4.) The first time I read Past Grief by thete1, I spent *days* out of it. I mean. Days. Thinking about it, obsessing about it, *wanting to read it fifty times*. I can not only quote that story, I can recognize single lines out of it. It was pretty much *everything* I could see in potential at that time in Clark and Lex.

Running a quick errand, brb.

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I feel the exact same way about Trinity, that episode was amazing and I couldn't find any flaws with, it had something to say about every character in that ep and the two plots went togethor perfectly:)

I hope this didn't feel too personal in a bad way! I loved reading these. And it's a Te (well, Webrain, so Te / Spike / Debchan) fic that I remember most intensely, as the first piece of fan writing I ever read that absolutely blew my mind open, and made me realise that writing around a fandom could be anything, from the lightest of entertainment to - well, as you said. Something that gets so deep into you, and shakes you and changes you.

For me it was Cicatrix, by the way, a Buffyverse AU. I haven't re-readi it in a while but I can remember the whole thing, and the way some sections especially stand out in my mind, as clearly as if I'd seen them in a cinema. Mind you, I feel almost the same way about Spike's Butterfly Effect in SV. And I remember reading Past Grief, too, and feeling so utterly harrowed by it, but persuaded by it too. It was entirely too possible - and more credible by miles than most of the directiosn the series has lost itself in, alas.

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