Seperis (seperis) wrote,

mmmmm whales

The Rabbit Report

Oddly, there isn’t much to relate. We are in the Transitional Getting To Know You Stage, in which the rabbits have found zen in discovering new and creative ways to escape their pen.

And by new and creative, I mean, against the laws of god, man, and several principles of physics.

Let me explain.

Around midnight Tuesday, while cheerfully discussing a variety of porn with justabi, I went to get coffee and discovered all three rabbits had escaped their pen.

The pen? Is not that easy to open. One might say I have issues getting it open. And it’s fairly high—even Reggie feeling his most Olympic is not gonna clear that thing without a stepstool and a prayer, okay? But somehow they managed to unhook all five hooks on the pen and get out to play, play, play, around computer cords even. After gathering them up, redistributing them in their pen, and tying the edges of the pen together, I went back to my computer to read Pru porn and wondering if I should check them for opposable thumbs.

I’m just saying, it’s getting weird. I’d go so far as to say spooky.

Tomorrow is the first vet appointment of the terrible trio. I bought them a carrier to travel in. I’m pretty sure we’re all going to survive.

Pretty sure.



In far less interesting but really super cool news, Child, while surfing at the site for Sea World, has taken up a sudden desire to swim with Beluga whales.

Okay, that is cool. So vaguely working out a budget to do so. My middle sister, her daughter, and my mother have all expressed an interest in attending Jenncation 2006, if I keep it in the state, since neither can take off more than a few days. Hmm. I am thinking beach, but I’m also thinking, two other adults and one other child, and whales. I’m also thinking I’m hungry, but that’s because I didn’t have breakfast.

ETA: Had a breakfast taco. Never mind the last bit.

Swimming with Beluga whales. Hmm. Must consider deeply.


In non-flower controversy related news, the move to the cubicles of doom is on for Monday. In celebration of moving from (relatively) spacious cubicles to tiny stalls of misery and darkness, we will be allowed to wear jeans.

Wow. I feel suddenly happier with the world.


Okay, I’m boring myself. Let me bore others in their interest groups. Give me a topic and I’ll do an entry on it. Whales, fandom, badfic, cookies, a top ten, whatever. I am in that place. I can be boring on any topic. Try me. Except snakes. Let's not go there today.
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