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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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Oh my God I finished my remix.


Sent to betas. OhmyGodIFINISHED.

(you know, it probably sucks. but right now, the blank exhaustion of accomplishment is pretty much killing any artistic wibbles)

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Congrats on finishing! Yay!

(And, dude! SGA has infiltrated my dreams. Just how far will you and your kind go to ensnare hapless bystanders? And where are my crackfic House dreams, dammit?)

Recruitment continues apace. We all get toasters when you post your first fic, you know. Nice mind-controlled toasters that never ever burn the bagels. *bliss*

Sorry to barge in, but I love your icon. Oh, my.

Oh, my. And I do love your icon. I'll be happy to let you gank my OMGYAY if you don't mind me snagging the awesome House Vs. Piggy (with credit to the creator and you for the sharing, of course.) Would that be cool? *hopeful Bambi eyes*

I'm afraid I'll have to decline; this icon was a birthday present and I'm somewhat disinclined to share it. Thank you for the offer though, and I'm very glad you like Piggy vs. House.

(And your icon really does make me giggle. *g* Oh, Kermit.)

*breathes* oh God I am so happy.

Wow, you're doing challenges and everything! *impressed*

Congrats on finishing. :X

Congratulations. Cookies are in order, yes?

Yay! I'm turning mine in when I get home from work. *whew*

:) hi! I'm additicted. And nearly going to run out of my fix. :( I've read all your smallville stuff down to "Pretty when you're mine". but... It doesn't end. It just stops, but it doesn't end!!! I had only seen the smallville stuff originally - when i looked around on your site I saw that you're still totally active, but in other universes. Any slim, tiny, itsybitsy chance that you'll ever go back to smallville to finish that fic? Please?

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