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Mmm. More Lucas/Lex GIPping soon as I raid for more caps. Lucas inspires me.


A Brotherly Chat by ubertodd. Lucas/Clark, Lucas/Clark/Lex, Clark/Lex, and so on. Sort of. Hot? Yes. And creepy? Yes. And good? Hell yes.

He should hang up. He should have hung up sometime around that pronoun confusion.

For some reason, that line symbolizes the entire story to me. The wrongness just doesn't end. Mmmm.

One Thousand Miles by hackthis. A beautifully written, aching Lucas POV of a difficult life. Highly, highly recommended.

Untitled Prodigal-esque Fic by basingstoke . As begun, it changes. And I LIKE it. Kinda weird, then funny, then cute. And the POV? Marvelous. Just enjoyed so much.

Spare Room by tstar78. Adorable Prodigial missing scene. And what should definitely have happened!

Part of the Same by philtre. Another lovely bit of Prodigal-ness, lovely and Clexy.

Blueprintes by rhiannonhero. Another installment in the Orbiting Universe, following I think Constellations. Lex and the plan. And the in-laws. And some other things, too. Very nicely written.

February by Aklani. A sweet, barely-slash Clark and Lex, Clark POV. I love how beautifully and thoughtfully Clark's written in this one.

Pass by Tim Ian. Huh. New to me author. Post Rush moment, Clark contemplating. And an interesting reason on why Clark seems to be pulling away from Lex. I liked it.


Other Things

Let's see. Child ill, read traumatizingly bad fic, and refused to allow myself near friends list until I finished this stupid story.

Also? He-Man is back. She-Ra, let it happen. I was invested in the entire Captain Hawk/Adora thing and plus, she was once a bad guy and I really loved her for that.

Off to find beta for fic.
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