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children of dune - leto 1
Dacey just sent me--God--the most *fantastic* cover for Teacher's Pet, and dear God, she got the *perfect Kid!John*.

And hey, do I know you LJ name already?

ADDED: Thanks to chickpea for the correct lj name and dacey confirming!

Again. Wow.

Can you see Max? I can see Max! I CAN SO SEE MAX!

But seriously. Oh my God. That is so perfect. So freaking *perfect*.

OMG! @_@ That's gorgeous!! And the little boy is PERFECT for John!! And OMG!! *giggles* Max is adorable! :P

That is great! This is something I really like about the Stargate Atlantis fandom, the great fics often get great cover-art made for them.

I think it's
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I think it's <lj-user="dacey">. I know her from the popslash fandom, and she's really awesome and makes the best art/manips. Ahhhh, my worlds are colliding!

CRAP. dacey, I meant.

*tanrums* But I can't edit comments!

OMG, that is, without a doubt the best summation of the whole cracked out (I love it, that's a compliment ^_^) thing I could possibly imagine. tiny!John looks like he just woke up from a nightmare, and that pic of Rodney is just the right mix of concerned and affectionate, and frustrated.

This is really just lovely.

Very *very* cool. There is a lot here that I enjoyed looking for and figuring out.

I'm just clapping like a delighted little girl! I'm so happy that you like it! I actually did use Joe Flanigan's hair and brow to make the little boy look a little more like him, and I couldn't believe how well the hair worked. And the Max was an afterthought, but once I found the adorable pictures of Angora Rabbits, I thought they just looked entirely too...Maxlike...not to be included. The whole thing was a true labor of love, Jenn. Teacher's Pet has just become very special to me. It's a happy place. : )

I actually did use Joe Flanigan's hair and brow to make the little boy look a little more like him,

You did an incredible job. I mean, absolutely amazing. The hair is utterly perfect -- and when it comes to John and fandom, the hair is important -- and the rest of the cover is gorgeous and seamless and wonderful.

So, so wonderful.

OMG It's amazing!!

OH I just want to pet him.

It's so perfect! *grins*

Oh, my god! Friggin' perfect. You're completely right. I mean, gorgeous and wonderful and the merging of different images and the mini-puddlejumper are all incredible, but the fact that she got kid!John's hair absolutely right is amazing!

oh wow what a wonderful cover. :)

That is wonderful. Also, MAX!!
(though my initial reaction was something along the lines of "OMG Rodney is so John's world, and Steve is his hell!")

though my initial reaction was something along the lines of "OMG Rodney is so John's world, and Steve is his hell!

I actually tried to keep that as a theme. All the positive things in Kid!John's life are on the far left -- Rodney, the physics lab, calculus, Atlantis. And then with the puddle jumper and the gun (the two things that most strongly link Rodney and John together), it slides into the angst and the sadness and fear of the Wraith, the Darts, the loss of Max, the anxiety of the gate after going off-world, and flashbacks of Sumner.

God, I just realize how completely ridiculous I sound, explaining the motivation behind the composition of a cover graphic like it's an essay question on an art test. *blush*

This is a gorgeous cover! And Max is to die for - hehe, such a cute, albeit a little plump bunny :) The boy is perfect - very John like and that's one of my favourite David Hewlett shots - he sends that out with autograph when he answers fans' letters!

Damn good - and dacey is talented!

If Dacey has found the wonderful world of SGA then only good things can come.

She has more talent in her little finger then most people have in their whole body...or families. I have enjoyed her work for years. Her art is beautiful and so real.

I love Teacher's Pet and that is the perfect picture for it.