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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
Okay, this is what I do not promise.

That these pictures will be good.

That I can even impersonate a photographer.

But. Camera came today! So beneath the cut, one through seven, hopefully I'll get them labeled right.








1.) Reginald Randolph, Netherlands Dwarf (evil)
2.) Me and Reggie
3.) Bryante the Holland Lop (also? evil)
4.) Child and Junior the Bearded Lizard
5.) Sloppy the Holland Lop (and evil again)
6.) The Rabbit Warren
7.) Thumper Bob, the Rabbit Cactus (gift from svmadelyn and rageprufrock)

So. Yeah. *slowblink* I am one with my camera. This is so freaking cool.

*hugs* your evil bunnies looks so cute!

ah....the rabbits are adorable!!! and so is thumper. :)

I love how Evil Reggie has the red eyes of doom. Wow, Child is getting big. Either that or Junior is a really small lizard.

*squeels* How CUTE are they?!?! *is ded from the cuteness*

I expected the lizard to be much bigger. *g* (edited for icon)

AWWWWWWWWW. Just--AWWWWWW to everything.

Y'know, if a person didn't know any better, they'd say there is no way those rabbits could be evil.

The rabbits are so menacing in their evil cute disguises!

The child? Obviously evil in training.


And finally.



I note that Reginald is the only one with red eyes. Mayhaps I take this to mean he is the leader and suaron in training?

Yay! Bunny pics!! I've so enjoyed reading about your rabbits.

The rabbits are so cute!

They are clearly learning from Thumper Bob's example.

The bunny rabbits are so adorable! :D Taking pictures of your rabbits is addictive - I have a whole bunch of my rabbit that I never really do anything with, they just sit, in the camera and on the hard drive.

Menagerie! And child!

Thanks for sharing the cute. :)

Eeee! Adorableness! Rabbits and Jenn and Child! Yay!

You are ridiculously cute. As is Child.

And Thumper's glued felt ears are truly wonderful.

You know what else I just realised? I've always pictured you as having a much longer, skinnier face (and less adorable cheeks). Much like, well... much like the female offspring of John Sheppard and Lex Luthor.

Right now, I'm wondering at my own mind.

That's Junior? *blinks*

The evil rabbits are adorable! So is Thumper Bob, and you and Child.

*blinks again* What is that yellow creature trying to do to Purple Bunny?

I totally expected Reggie to be...bigger...and more menacing, somehow...oh well, at least he has the requisite glowing red eyes-o-doom....

And I notice that Bryante is the only bunny that isn't shown being picked up...is this not allowed?

Reg and Sloppy fight, but Sloppy eventually calms donw, and don't even ask me how logn it took me to get Reggie still, because the blooper pictures will *never* see the light of day....

But Bryante has these back legs that--wow. For someone so small, he's freakishly strong. We pick him up, but it seemed the better part of valor to avoid if possible.