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The Toybox

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rabbits, pellets, fic
children of dune - leto 1
There was a really terrifying moment while talking to svmadelyn, sharing bunny stories, where it suddenly hit me--this is the entirety of my current conversational skills! I am one of those people. I have, in fact, become the crazy rabbit lady. Woman. Fangirl. Oh God, I am a rabbit fangirl.

Let's just list this out.

1.) Physically incapable of leaving a pet store without a new rabbit treat and/or toy.
2.) Angsting over vegetable combinations longer than it takes the rabbits to eat them.
3.) Obsessive house rabbit website reading.
4.) Sudden, inexplicable desire to build a small rabbit mansion out of Home Depot items. Like, say, wood. And nails. And hinges.

For those who don't get the absolute terror of this--many have read of me and dissecting the TV, the butterknife and the VCR, and the way I managed to install a DVD writer into Brian. Do any of you really, really think seeming me with a hammer can end any other way than with an ER visit and a cast?


The biggest issue is the food. Pellets! Evil! Pellets! Good! Lettuce! Evil! Lettuce! Good! Clover! Poison! Clover! Delicious! Never feed your rabbit bananas! Only buy hay from stables! YOU ARE KILLING YOUR FURRY FRIEND YOU ANTI-RABBIT WHORE.

Okay, they didn't say that, but by God, they implied. So I took them off pellets, then read at the official houserabbit website that they should have unlimited supplies and panicked, then there was alfalfa angst, and romaine-lettuce salads only, and frankly, the rabbits eat better than I do. I'm also picking up a wide collection of bunny claw scars, one of which is showing a case of mild infection. First vet appointment for Reggie the Netherlands Dwarf (I want to say Neanderthal *so much*), Bryante the Holland Lop, and Sloppy the Holland Lop (renamed by Sister Who Technically Owns But I Care For) are at teh end of the month. I am not looking forward to this in an epic way, but I do have a rabbit magazine (first joke gets you stepped on, I swear) and have highlighted relevant chapters to discuss.

And the less said about Bryante's hind leg nail clipping the better. Seriously. I'm hyperventilating over my rabbit's pain and terror while my mother stares at me blankly while trying to trance him and asking me if I need medical intervention. The paper bag did nicely.

And so half my flist doesn't defriend me into disgust--you advertised as fannish and now you are Twenty-Four Seven Rabbit!--a snippet from Teacher's Pet 8, still in production on my hard drive. And by production, I mean, it's sitting there, mocking me. This was originally written for svmadelyn, and--yeah, I'm not even going to try to commentary on this one. I'll just--be over here.

I can honestly state, however, that when I started? This is not where I ever expected to be.

snippet for teacher's pet 9Collapse )

What I love most about this fic (and this is totally not true because simply the thought of an eight-year-old John can send any fangirl into instant bliss) is how you made it so re-readable.
I don't know if that makes much sense, but despite always wanting more, and a new update, and an end in sight with McShep in it, the little snippets make my day brighter, no matter when I read them; I always find myself smiling no matter how many times I've already have read them.
It's simply wonderful. I wish I could tell you my favorite scene, or line, or characterization, but it's all around so amazing, I can't chose! I'd have to copy and paste every single line.

I love the saga of "How I became the Rabbit Lady with a SGA slash habbit." Hilarious. I adore all these kidJohn fics - you've broken my heart into a million pieces, Oh Mean Mean Mean RabbitWoman. I just want to scoop KidleJohn up and cuddle him until all the meanies go away. You've changed the story from fun to real and the angst is killing me. But write on! Write On!

I used to think about getting a bunny for a pet but you've changed my mind. I'll read about your adventures instead. Must less stressful!

Yeah! More kid!John. Um, isn't this part 8? And if it really is 9, I am incapable of finding 8. Help?

Sorry, sorry, sorry, shoudl be eight! God, I *miscounted my own story*. That is so sad.

I'm really enjoying your rabit stories. Go Jenn, the Rabbit Defender. :)

And your fic never fails to kill me. I'm really curious how you'll finish this.

i love this fic forever, seperis. *hugs* forever. omg, kidfic. john...*whimpers* i love this fic so hard.

I love Teacher's Pet so much. I love little John and Rodney---not in any way that would be illegal though!

I love rabbits. I had two growing up. My favorite was Thumper who took a chunk out of my mean cousin's finger.

ahhhhh - Teacher's Pet is so good!

and when did the bunnies become three?
I thought you only had one? Or did i read that wrong?


She had a Reptile Encounter at the pet shop and, when consciousness returned to her, she was outside with two more rabbits.

::sigh:: I love this series. While I'm sad that it's wrapping up (because, 8-yr-old John!! ::loves!:: ), I'm really looking forward to how everyone deals with him being an adult again. Especially since he's so enigmatic, and as a kid he's right out there. And it'll be fun to see how Rodney reacts to him, especially after having John treat him like he's mommy.

Your rabbits sound adorable, even if they do snub you. But do they do the "you are an absolute idiot but you feed me so I tolerate you. For now" glare that cats do? (Wonder if Rodney picked up that behavior from his cat?) Though you being a rabbit fangirl does give new meaning to the term plot bunnies.

And I was poking around your website and realized that you'd written most of my favorite fics in the Atlantis fandom. ::quietly adores you::

Your rabbits sound so cute.

BTW, I read the list to my Auntie, she came and read over my shoulder, and commented that "anyone who gets a rabbit is a crazy rabbit person, because you'd have to be crazy to get a rabbit!"

This is just an awesome set of stories... nice tidbit... :)

Sigh...this just gets better, even as it gets sadder.

Little-John saying he didn't want to return to being big-John, was like knives to the heart. It was utterly destroying, and I detected a definite wibble to my bottom lip after reading that.

You are breaking my heart with this.

Oh oh oh. Poor John and Rodney. Damn my stupid ovaries.

My ovaries = doing the Rites of Spring by Stravinski, loud! Hard! Fast!

Now I'll go and throw myself out of a groundfloor window because I'll never have kids and this fact, after reading Teacher's pet, seems like a waste of my life for the first time.

But I adore this fic, seriously. Can't wait for the conclusion though I know I will be sad, then, because it's over *sniff*.

Thank you for sharing

About the rabbits - whoa, those sound like my kind of animals. And I thought my budgies were slave-masters ...

This is safety, and comfort, and the place John trusts when he can't even trust his own mind.

Yes, yes! So happy I checked for more snippets - this is wonderful, and you write them both so well. John's confusion and Rodney's struggle to be who John needs and to not be anything he doesn't need because he's 8. Can't wait to see where this goes next.

PS About the rabbits. LOL. I don't mean to laugh at your angst, but I think it's hilarious the rabbits are eating better than you are. God, the things we do for our pets. *hugs*

I have such an overwhelming urge to hug John right now. And then hug Rodney.

And then maybe John again. (and you.)