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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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rabbits, pellets, fic
children of dune - leto 1
There was a really terrifying moment while talking to svmadelyn, sharing bunny stories, where it suddenly hit me--this is the entirety of my current conversational skills! I am one of those people. I have, in fact, become the crazy rabbit lady. Woman. Fangirl. Oh God, I am a rabbit fangirl.

Let's just list this out.

1.) Physically incapable of leaving a pet store without a new rabbit treat and/or toy.
2.) Angsting over vegetable combinations longer than it takes the rabbits to eat them.
3.) Obsessive house rabbit website reading.
4.) Sudden, inexplicable desire to build a small rabbit mansion out of Home Depot items. Like, say, wood. And nails. And hinges.

For those who don't get the absolute terror of this--many have read of me and dissecting the TV, the butterknife and the VCR, and the way I managed to install a DVD writer into Brian. Do any of you really, really think seeming me with a hammer can end any other way than with an ER visit and a cast?


The biggest issue is the food. Pellets! Evil! Pellets! Good! Lettuce! Evil! Lettuce! Good! Clover! Poison! Clover! Delicious! Never feed your rabbit bananas! Only buy hay from stables! YOU ARE KILLING YOUR FURRY FRIEND YOU ANTI-RABBIT WHORE.

Okay, they didn't say that, but by God, they implied. So I took them off pellets, then read at the official houserabbit website that they should have unlimited supplies and panicked, then there was alfalfa angst, and romaine-lettuce salads only, and frankly, the rabbits eat better than I do. I'm also picking up a wide collection of bunny claw scars, one of which is showing a case of mild infection. First vet appointment for Reggie the Netherlands Dwarf (I want to say Neanderthal *so much*), Bryante the Holland Lop, and Sloppy the Holland Lop (renamed by Sister Who Technically Owns But I Care For) are at teh end of the month. I am not looking forward to this in an epic way, but I do have a rabbit magazine (first joke gets you stepped on, I swear) and have highlighted relevant chapters to discuss.

And the less said about Bryante's hind leg nail clipping the better. Seriously. I'm hyperventilating over my rabbit's pain and terror while my mother stares at me blankly while trying to trance him and asking me if I need medical intervention. The paper bag did nicely.

And so half my flist doesn't defriend me into disgust--you advertised as fannish and now you are Twenty-Four Seven Rabbit!--a snippet from Teacher's Pet 8, still in production on my hard drive. And by production, I mean, it's sitting there, mocking me. This was originally written for svmadelyn, and--yeah, I'm not even going to try to commentary on this one. I'll just--be over here.

I can honestly state, however, that when I started? This is not where I ever expected to be.

snippet for teacher's pet 9Collapse )

Okay -- first -- you crack me up with RL of anything ever. Rabbits are just a bonus.

Christ, give him one night that belongs to him and not his past.

This broke me. Broken, I tell you. Ka-say. Yeee-owch. And yet I want whatever more you'll give me.


God, I love this series. There are no words, so I'll just sit here and flail. :)

I <3 you so much for this. SO MUCH! The last few paragraphs break my damn heart.

Regarding your bunnies...word of advice: my spouse warned me "If you talk about nothing but dogs all the time, you're going turn into That Crazy Dog Lady."

and look at what happened to me...::points at icon::

then again, I'm not unhappy this way...

Regarding this Teachers Pet portion: awww! and poor John! poor Rodney and the rest of his friends for having to watch him go through it...
I wonder how this experience of having been a child will affect Adult!John's personality, and I look forward to seeing you portray that....

wags, springwoof

1) My friends have rabbits. They have a house and huge garden and extra rabbit houses. I visit, admire, melt appropirately and vow never to buy a rabbit. I have yet to have an offspring which would, undoubtedly, attempt to weaken my resolve.
Good luck. Three's a charm. ;-)
2) At first it was cute, now it is so much more. And I hope so much, so very, very much that we get a chapter, a snippet with adult John and Rodney after the things settle back to 'usual'.

Thank you for this update.

I like the nifty keen way you lulled them into a nice sense of security with the bunny escapades and adventures and then the "dirty, dirty" snippetry.

*admiring* I learn a little from you every day, you know.

I will continue to support your effort to put the Bronx Zoo out of business and I wait patiently for the day you need to be talked off the Rabbit!fanfic ledge.

I know nothing whatsoever about rabbits so your posts are very educational and interesting (and make me thankful that I only have a cat).

I love this series and grab for every new installment. Like everyone else, I can't wait to see how this very different childhood changes the adult John. And I love the way it is changing Rodney as well. Thanks for the snippet!

*loves* Awesome. Just freaking awesome.

Yeah, that deafening TICK TICK TICK would be my biological clock. This is absolutely beautiful. Just beautiful. You make it all look so easy; the seams never show. And now I cease fangirling on your feet.

The rabbits are out for your mind. I'm convinced.

He's rolled up in his blankets like a small burrito
Hee! Best description ever. Also, you make my ovaries explode. <3

This is fabulous. Seriously, I love this snippet. The snippets really do hang together in a wonderful way.

I know nothing about rabbits, having never lived with them. But if all that stuff you're doing for/with them makes you happy, go for it. :)

About Teacher's Pet- wow, wow, wow. I would've been perfectly happy with just the amazing cuteness, but now it's got plot and it's really interesting. You have me impatiently bouncing about waiting for the next bit, damn it! Well, it's okay, because you and svmadelyn are going to keep writing, right? Right? And you're gonna make it all better? Or enough better? Or just continue it? *bounces like mini!John on sugar*

I always enjoy your rabbit stories...and they make me even more grateful that my only pets are my plants. :o)

I love how Teacher's Pet has transitioned from a really simple, fun story and is now exploring the real depths of the effects of such a transition. You've dragged me into the SGA fandom, and now I'm eagerly awaiting more! :o)

Ach, woman, you break my heart. Poor John, not wanting to be who he grows up to be. At least he has Rodney, who tells it like it truly is. I love that John trusts him.