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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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rec - the hunting of the snark by researchgrrrl
Okay, so I admit I have recced things where I had an honest suspicion the writer was on crack. By that, I mean the entire SGA fandom, who I love and think are my true people, who at any given time in a given conversation will discuss tiny Wraith babies, changing everyone into penguins, how to get John pregnant this time (emphasis italics, this time) and whether or not I'm allowed to add cannibalism to a fic to see what happens, and whether or not Little!John can whore himself to all of Atlantis when he's sixteen. Or at least the team. Or at least the command staff.

And let me just say, all of you are filthy, filthy perverts, and oh my God I love you all.

But there comes a time when the crack is of unknown and amazing quality and you just have to read it, becasue you can't believe it, and then you think, in horror--oh my God this works. Why does this work? How is this working? OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS AND WHY DO I LOVE IT? Because I do. It's *good* and it's *funny*, and it's so damn--I don't know that English encompasses my squee for this story.


The Hunting of the Snark by researchgrrrl - one, two and three, it's a House crossover, and no, I'm not, cannot say it, but oh God you have to read this. It is *so cool* and *so much fun* and so surreal and I am--I have no words.

We like her. We want to keep her. We would also like to ease her into SGA or SG1, because oh my God, I want to see what she'd do with them. And by we, I mean, me and Reggie the Homicidal Rabbit, because it sounds pretentious if I use we just referring to myself. I'm not actually sure he has an opinion on the subject, though.

But yes, go read and marvel at the way that reality just bends sometimes.

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I been following this. Yes, we must keep her.

Also, didja read this?


We have to keep her and rope her into our shiny crack fandom. HOW WONDERFUL would that be? It is the stuff fic-dreams are made of. *plots*

We will create a Plan. We can do this. It will involve bribery and blackmail and promising her toys for her ferrets. It might work. It *might*.

Ahhhhhh. I'll work on the bribery, you start collecting the blackmail material. *plots more* Yessss. I believe this will work.

Can I say that I'm an unashamed died-in-the-wool pervert? I'm waiting for little John to turn sixteen and jump/tackle Rodney.

*sighs* Aren't we all?

I mean no! Bad! Dirty wrongness of John being soaking wet and searching out Rodney in the middle of the night.

You and Reggie are a dangerous combination *G*.

Going off to read the above rec.

PS: I hope some day that 16 year old John does stalk into Rodney's quarters and seduces him. Really.

*grins* Oh yeah. *Pretty*. And wet.

... or at least Rodney. I swear, it's like a sickness or something. I'm thinking, how would teen!John seduce Rodney and what would Rodney do? Oh god, you have to write it soon, because it breaks my brain!

*deep breath* Yea, I'm fine now. Really. *g*

Wow. Seriously. WOW.

There's being rec'ed, and then there's this. Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm tickled that HoS has made you squee!

Oh, the enticements to SGA and SG-1...how they grow. Nnnnghh. It's totally, like, where all the good crackfic is these days. I just...I don't know how much longer I can hold out. I'm not made of stone, dammit.

Ahem. I digress. Thanks again for the cheers for the story. *g* It's just eating my brain, it's so cracked out. Even I can't believe I'm going there.


*innocent stalker look*

What's up?

See my icon? I made it cause of the Rodneysaur fic. Where Rodney is a little fluffy-haired dinosaur that attacks socks and says, "Rarr!" a lot, in a wide array of super-cute ways. *nod*

Also, on Atlantis? There's all this alien technology lying around, just waiting to be activated, and it can do ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO.

And every single new planet the team might step onto? Might lead to smut at spearpoint. YOU NEVER KNOW.

*waves in a completely friendly way*

You are so crafty. I came this close to asking "What Rodneysaur fic?"

This close.

*keeps careful watch on the sneaky one*

Okay, so no one has ever mentioned the alien technology in SGA and the fact that it can do ANYTHING. No wonder this is where so much of the good crack is going down.

Shit. See? That's what's been driving me nuts with so much of the Housefic. There are just too many iterations in the fandom of this character wanting to have sex with that character, which is all well and good, except THAT'S ALL THEY DO.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all about characters want to have sex with each other. I just want 'em running (or caning) around like crazy people, dealing with a good old-fashioned hantavirus outbreak at the very least, while they want the sex. Preferably, though? Caning like crazy, the wanting of the sex, hantavirus, AND the looming background suggestion of aliens/government conspiracy with the possibility of Mulder and Scully showing up because if you're gonna go for it, go for it ALL THE WAY.

And right there is the definition of uncut, high-grade, designer crackfic for me. Pull out all the stops and make me want to suspend my disbelief. Hell, give me no choice but to suspend my disbelief and succumb to the madness with much gladness and depravity.

There's aliens! And secret bad government agencies! And possible human spies for the bad aliens! And there's weird viruses all the TIME! And there's Carson, the doctor who has to make them better, even when the main character is slowly turning into a BIG BLUE BUG OMG! And sometimes someone can get stuck in someone else's body along with them, and they're arguing and stuff and it's FUNNY and CRACKTASTIC. Also, there's Rodney with the snarking and the intellectual superiority. And space/time differencials, and multiple universes. And all of that, that I just listed, is CANON. Imagine the crack you can actually WRITE about!


hi again. *waves*

Oh, hell. Just bugger and hell and bugger some more.

I've just spent the last fifteen minutes staring at a picture of Joe Flanigan.


Just...hell. And bugger.

*glares at you, too*

Aww. It's so much fun to watch them flail helplessly.

I would tell you the story of Madelyn, who wrote long rants about how much she hated SGA and used to *refuse* to read my fic and said I could never, ever talk about it to her and hated it *so much*....

*brightly* Did I mention she runs large SGA challenges now, an SGA links page, and a large recs site?

Three words for you.

Canonical. Space. Vampires.


Joe Flanigan is gorgeous.


*glares at you* *stalks off as House starts to bitch* *glares at you again*

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
*grins* I know! *bounce* I love the crack in this fandom. It's somehow even shinier than the crack in other fandoms.

(Deleted comment)
*buries face in hands* I didn't know I *didn't* have you friended. I just--*waves hand*. So I was in a rush of backfriending a couple of people and realized you weren't on my list--seriously, what is up with that? and added you

And *heh*. Of *course*. Of *course* I'd be 666. It is just that kind of a night.

*stares at lj*

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