Seperis (seperis) wrote,

rec - the hunting of the snark by researchgrrrl

Okay, so I admit I have recced things where I had an honest suspicion the writer was on crack. By that, I mean the entire SGA fandom, who I love and think are my true people, who at any given time in a given conversation will discuss tiny Wraith babies, changing everyone into penguins, how to get John pregnant this time (emphasis italics, this time) and whether or not I'm allowed to add cannibalism to a fic to see what happens, and whether or not Little!John can whore himself to all of Atlantis when he's sixteen. Or at least the team. Or at least the command staff.

And let me just say, all of you are filthy, filthy perverts, and oh my God I love you all.

But there comes a time when the crack is of unknown and amazing quality and you just have to read it, becasue you can't believe it, and then you think, in horror--oh my God this works. Why does this work? How is this working? OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS AND WHY DO I LOVE IT? Because I do. It's *good* and it's *funny*, and it's so damn--I don't know that English encompasses my squee for this story.


The Hunting of the Snark by researchgrrrl - one, two and three, it's a House crossover, and no, I'm not, cannot say it, but oh God you have to read this. It is *so cool* and *so much fun* and so surreal and I am--I have no words.

We like her. We want to keep her. We would also like to ease her into SGA or SG1, because oh my God, I want to see what she'd do with them. And by we, I mean, me and Reggie the Homicidal Rabbit, because it sounds pretentious if I use we just referring to myself. I'm not actually sure he has an opinion on the subject, though.

But yes, go read and marvel at the way that reality just bends sometimes.
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