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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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ooh yes good times
children of dune - leto 1
Why I Love My Fannish Friends, Number One Million and One.

Recent fic epiphany moment:

me: The stew they're eating is *made out of people!*.

svmadelyn: AHAHAHA YES.

amireal: Ooh. Soylent stew is people!

me: *glows*

Sometimes, I wonder if fandom is affecting my ability to interact with people who aren't, you know, crazy.

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Also, literary allusion is fun and games for everyone!

It certainly benefits me, because I'm, you know - crazy *G*.

BTW - Pouncer sent me a ton of Flanigan stuff on disk, including scenes of him doing bunny shadows on a wall to entertain a small toddler (little boy) and then he growls at the kid and tickles him and there is much giggling from both. So, now I'm missing my other ovary, but it was worth it *G*. See? Crazy is good!

Yes, but do you really want to interact with people who aren't crazy?

What DID people do before the internet?

My recollection is that I mostly felt really lonely in my craziness... and now that I'm online I feel SO much better... and my craziness is no longer lonely.

Thanks to all of my crazy community!

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