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children of dune - leto 1
First off, recs of happiness. *g* Yay yay yay!

Three Fairy Tales of Smallville by the amazing koimistress Three stories in the style of the "Five Things That Aren't True", with three AUs, each very different from the last. I adored the first, loved the second, but the third creeped me out and whoa, that was good. Read.

To get some of Koi's thoughts on her story, its genesis, etc, go here. Interesting , and damn, she rocks.

The Test by paperbkryter, missing scene--explains some things about Lex's shirt. *g* This is SO cute.

Untitled Lillian fic by martianhousecat. Lillian fic is rare as hell, and this one just about makes up for it. Lillian growing up, short and bittersweet. I'd give a LOT for this author to extend this, because this is both extremely good and a fascinating view into Lillian Luthor, before and after marriage.

Incurable by bexless. Hee! Clark and Lex and poetry! And more than that, but really, it's BEX, you don't need more to want to read. Lovely, per always.

Pretty Pics

Kat sent two of the loveliest covers I've ever seen--one for the Spaces series! I didn't even know anyone READ that in, well--er, forever? And one for Only Sometimes that, frankly, is absolutely gorgeous. Whoa.

*hugs Kat* Absolutely beautiful, chica. Thank you SO much. Dear God, it amazes me what people can do with pictures.

Places to Go

paperbkryter unveils WB's latest series idea, an amazing look at geriatric Superman and Lex Luthor in the retirement home for the Unusually Powerful.

The pilot features an action packed wheelchair race through the hallways of Shady Oaks as Clark makes off with Lex's dentures in a fit of pique.

*dying on the floor* Well, I'm ALL for this one.

And I read this--days ago? I can't remember, but just--heee! martianhousecat reveals The Rules for Writing Lex Luthor.

Special attention to these.

6. Thou shalt not have him cry unless he's had a limb removed, relived the death of his mother, or is having a very bad acid trip. Lex Luthor doesn't cry over failed love affairs, he gets even. Over and over and over.

7. Thou shalt not have him utter the word 'can't' in reference to himself. Lex can do anything. Or so he believes. He is also unaware of the meaning of the term 'no'.

*giggling* Oh yes.

I tend to love people who make me spit coffee on my keyboard. This poor, poor keyboard suffers, but you know, for a good cause. Read and enjoy them all.

Other Things

Someone, please, write me Lex/Lucas? Please? Come on. It's only fair. Lex has been slashed with EVERYONE, including some inanimate objects and not a few characters that don't even exist in the same comics continuum. *grins* Okay, he hasn't officially been slashed with Pete Ross yet, but I realy, really tried really hard and surely someone else has gotten around to it. Right? Right?

There was Lucas-half-nakedness (whoo) and tattoos and good hair and some serious, serious issues floating around here. And tension and daddy-issues. And did anyone notice the rainy-Lexness? The story will practically write itself!

*looks puppyish* Come on. Dirty wrongness? Like bientot said, and I quote, because this is a Very Wise Statement.

Taken from comments on episode in my LJ.

Well, I may be a little prejudiced, but I can't imagine Lex being less than pretty with anyone. And his only-mildly-a-little half-brother (hardly incest at all, when you really think about it) is almost as physically attractive as he is morally dubious.

See? It's barely even actual incest. BARELY. See? She agrees with me! *love* So damn wise. Doncha think?

Yes, that's me, trying to enable anything that moves in my line of sight.

Okay, am going to get some actual editing done, since I won't have time tomorrow.

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Someone, please, write me Lex/Lucas? Please? Come on.

*chuckle* I find this so funny, because I was about to post a similar plea, and also a Clark/Lex/Lucas story would be oh so yummy, yes indeed. *g*

It's been DAYS! I'm almost pouting. Also? A bit desperate.

Though now Clark/Lucas is also getting me thinking. No, I have no idea why.

Oh, I really, really want a story where Lucas comes on to Clark, but Lex gets jealous and lots of clothes-ripping and hot sex ensues. Between Clark and Lex, that is. Is that so wrong? *g* I would offer to story swap with you, but you write, oh, about ten million times faster than I do, so it wouldn't be fair to you. *g*

The 'Spaces' cover is gorgeous! On the Lillianfic front - I am going to continue it and am glad you like it. I want to expand on what I've started there, then move onto the mother-son dynamic in greater detail. Eventually this is going to involve Jonathon, Lionel and Martha. And cows. *facepalms*

Wonderful! *happy* I love Lillianfic when it's done well, and there's just so LITTLE.

*snickers* Cows? Okay, NOW I'm doubly intrigued.


Yes and of what's out there I dislike more than half, because though Lex might think her a saint, she can't be. Anyone who could secure Lionel's love and admiration must have been more than a saccharine parody of Wendy Darling/Mary Poppins.

*snickers* Cows? Okay, NOW I'm doubly intrigued.
See, Lex is going to meet Jonathon's cows and then he's going to meet Jonathon. There isn't enough Lex-Jonathon stuff out there either. It's an interesting dynamic.

Ok. Shutting up now. ^_^

You're just trying to tempt me with incest, aren't you.


Ah, the old siren song.

*points* See? You made me use my Cartercest icon.


....me? No no no.

Well, I mean, if you feel INSPIRED or something....I wouldn't, you know, throw cars in your path. Or be remiss in encouraging on a bihourly basis. Biminutely?

*smiles brightly*

Look at the prettiness! And the wrongness!

I almost went there, but... it's not really working for me, and I'm not sure why.

Which is a sure sign that it'll all come together in about a week. heh.

Just finished it. I must have skimmed RIGHT past in, becuse YES!

And God, that kid's scary. Love him. In a wrong dirty way, of course.

a day later and you already have a Lex/Lucas icon? Damn, you're quick. BTW, thanks for teh great recs.

I'm catching myself downloading any screencaps I find in hopes of cutting them to pieces and making dirtywrong Lex/Lucasness.


God bless you for the koimistress rec.. outstanding and perfect. and every other superlative i can think of...

*hugs you*

*runs off squealing*

*yells "I love you!" from behind a tree*

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