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The Toybox

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sg1 epiphany
flying pig
*eyes glazing*

It was. Like. A total moment of perfect enlightenment. Lions, lambs, frolicking, blind see, blah blah oh my *God*.

Daniel is *hot*.

This moment can be directly attributed to the fact I just saw him totally armed and shooting things. Apparently, my type is homicidal. I am so not bothered.

God. I never *knew*.

Ooh which episode were you watching?

And you're on what season of Farscape? *grins and rubs hands*

I love that moment of epiphany. Its so special and shiny. *pets you happily*

omg, yes. <3 daniel :)))

Yes he is. When you add in the angsting of the first two and a half sesaons? Oh man.

And I too want to know which episode you saw!

Mmm, yes. Incredibly so.

Also adding to the glut of people wanting to know which ep inspired this epiphany.

Ahhh...yes...Stargate the universe that sucks you in with the power of its pretty, pretty men. *grins*

Add my cry to the chorus of wanting to know which episode inspired this revelation.

Yeah, I caught a few moments of Season 3's Hundred Days when I was channel-surfing this evening, the bit in the cave where he and Teal'c are freaking Laira's kid and his girlfriend right the hell out with apocatalk, and he was just so intense and serious and little boy big eyes and a smudge on his cheek.

I mean, I like the homicidal shooting thing too, but I really have a thing for Season 3 Daniel.

Yeah, I had that epiphany right around Naked Daniel Moment Number Two. The blind may not have seen that day, but I definitely lost quite a few brain cells to his abs. Oh, his abs.

Daniel=Guh..*melts* so what episode did you see? lol yep he's really hot so is Jack. yumm.

Hahahahahaha *g* He gotcha.

Attaboy, Danny.

I started watching SG1 couple of weeks ago and my first impression was - wow, he is even more of a intergalactic slut than Sheppard. He does not flirt as openly as John does, but is there, ready and hot.

Yes, Daniel is very much with the hotness.

Mmmmmm . . . *eyes glaze*

With or without the floppy hair? That's what I wanna know.

Though in my book, Jack's way sexier. Daniel's a close second though.