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two of five metas i will never get around to doing

In honor of wip_amnesty, since I still refuse to give up on any of my stories, though The Forest People is getting to that place where I could just put up a post saying, please take this and make it work.....

Five Metas I Will Probably Never Get Around to Doing:

1.) Fanny and Mansfield Park:

This is my kicker. It's my most favorite discussion topic, because I change my mind every time I read it. Fanny amuses and annoys and just *irrtates* me by turns, and I spend quality time thinking Edmund so needs that stick just *jerked* out of his ass, and occassionally, I think Henry Crawford needs therapy for his issues more than anyone I have ever seen or read about. Cause wow. Issues. No one without issues nails the cousin of the chick he wants to marry, 'kay? That does not happen. Issues.

And the thing is, I love this book. Of all the Jane Austen's, excepting the perfection of Pride and Prejudice, I love reading it best, and sometimes more. So *much* happens. People wander off to India, people flirt, people act stupid, people come back, get married, commit adultery, and then more people get married. None of the characters are inherently likable, to me, so their misfortunes are all for fun and games.

2.) John Sheppard, the Military, and Atlantis:

The thing is, I owe like, massive apologies to every Clark person out there from SV. Seriously. Yes, he was a dumbass sometimes, but I never realized my rabid-rabbit attacks on him could be so freaking *annoying*, and hey, why the hell did you keep me on your friendslist, why in the *name of God* was I not flamed for some of this stuff? *I* look back and twitch at some of my tantrums. Seriously, I am *sorry*. I had no idea.

Which is now a problem in a fandom where, at least as far as I can see, has a definite McKay lean, so being a minority opinion of Sheppard-dom is totally my comeuppance for the thing where I hung Clark from the ceiling. On any given day, sorting through SGA meta, I will come across at least one, and maybe two, posts slamming John, and I can only imagine what the post-Sanctuary ljland was like and glad I wasn't around to see it. And I get this is extremely subjective--I do. And so I feel like the most annoying and hypocritical fangirl ever when I'm going through ep reviews and trying to sort who I know is Sheppard-sympathetic adn who will spend like, five thousand words slamming him into the ground and fighting the urge to post retaliatorily in my lj when you know, I *like* other fangirls, and I honestly do not want to be the kind of fan that plays dramatic every time someone posts negatively about her character.

It's not just John, though he's like, center of my fangirl universe, but the military slams, and the stupid military slams, and the dumb stupid homophobic military slams, and the blah blah blah, headache, and seriously, I do get everyone's perception on a show is different and there is totally room for all of them. That does not ease the temptation of writing something where the entire military is kidnapped by a gorgeous alien race of sex addicts, and Rodney and company have to pick up all their slack, perhaps becoming enlightened to the fact that everyone's contributions to the Atlantis expedition are important, not just the ones that don't wear a uniform. Then they say they are sorry for being mean. I am ten years old. I really am.

Then I remember Instructional and twitch hard enough to break my keyboard. Again. *sighs*

Also: Elizabeth slammage and Carson slammage. You know, If I were a serious Elizabeth fangirl? Wow. I’d be very depressed.

And—okay, two of five, I’ll post the next three later, as for some reason, they are giving me work to do.

Strange job. With the working and all.
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