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recs and more recs

I just--total embarrassment of riches in fic tonight for SGA. Happy place. I mean, seriously, almost as good as bunny therapy here.

Scenes From a Lesser War by amireal - okay, I know I'm prejudiced. I love her, I love her fic, and I beta'ed the damn thing, all fifty freaking three pages of it. Or so. But I loved every word. Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and how the ending of it can be as complex as having it around. It's thoughtful and hot and interesting, and I love how all the characters deal with the ramifications of it.

Resonance by harriet_spy - season one, pre-Siege II fic, with a fascinatingly complex John. Don't get me wrong, I like all Johns, but this one *resonates*. Rodney's desperate need to be more than he is, even when he doesnt' need to be, and John's understanding and not at all, and that *connection* that he's reaching for and fumbles in weird ways. I just--can't get over it, how she nailed what I saw in The Storm/The Eye--hell, several second season eps as well. It's beautifully, painfully done, and you NEED TO READ THIS, 'KAY?

Letters of Credance by of_evangeline - a post-disaster Rodney is a thing of just amazing complexitiy, and of course John goes after him. It's wonderfully, sweetly done, and three words for you--chocolate ferris wheel. Yes. It's *that* kind of a story. Happy place.

Try to Turn the Tide by minervacat - wonderful post Siege III fic. Rodney and John are both *great* in this, and it's--well. It's *good*. I mean, there you have it. Read.

Pretty. Yes. Zen like the bunny here. Cookie icon for so much goodness all in one place.
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