Seperis (seperis) wrote,

reginald randolph the first

Okay, since I've been regualar every week--I'm posting the next part of Landscape probably on Friday or Saturday night. This is pretty much totally due to overfull weekend reasons, and I like to spend at least a few hours before posting to do a review, which is why I like Sundays so much. I'm also probably sending the ending to beta this week so it can be ready for the next round, but seriously, my apologies. IT's just been possibly the most active weekend I've had in a while, involving too many adrenal rushes, blood pressure rocketing, snakes, reptiles, and a new bunny named Reginald Randolph. First to mock, I find your favorite pairing and write them eating fat free soy-substitute pudding at the end of the world off unattractive lizard-like people. You know I will. Or will pretend to.

Anyway. Warm welcome to my first personal pet in about five years, Reginald Randolph, dwarf bunny, dusty black, who likes to do this lop-jump thing like he's clicking his heels together and is officially the closest I have to a non-family relationship in my life sincce Augustin the Giant Bear defected to my son's room to scare away the scary things.
Tags: jenn's life, pets
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