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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i really hate thinking of subject lines
sheppard is pretty
I have found over time that my bullet-proof kinks can lead me to twitchy places of fandom more often than I want to, or ever will, admit.

You know what I mean. You're reading along, and okay, it's not the fandom's answer to Watership Down or anything, and sure, there's a tone to it that makes you kind of wonder, but then it *hits* you and you--twitch. The Twitch has many different manifestations--some people whimper and some people lunge for the spork and some people, say svmadelyn, not that I'm naming names here, some people AIM other people and gleefully make them read it so they, too, will have that minute of cognitive dissonance where your Kink Meets Your Squick, and it's Deathmatch on the Net, and for a second, you have no idea which one is going to win.

But yeah. You give me John armed and killing things, unfortunately, it could be frottage with Dumbledore and a mysterious squid from the depths of Atlantis and I'm just--in the so wrong place, because I know it will haunt me later. I *know that*. But I. Can't. Stop.

The Bullet-Proof kink is a dangerous thing indeed. Which is why I'm currently having problems controlling motor function after--well. Never mind. Suffice to say, I am totally on wavelength with Rodney and disgust myself, but I saved it and I'll go back to it, and read it, and hate myself so much.

One day, I keep meaning to write down my bulletproof squicks--the squicks that can make me stop reading *anything*, and I mean, seriously, it *could* be fandom's answer to Watership Down and I'll *still* stop and spend quality time resenting the hell out of the author in a completely irrational, totally ridiculous, and utterly annoying way, for about seven minutes, which is as long as I can focus on anything outside my current hair color.

Speaking of that, blonde is still on the table. I--just--feel like this is one of those human experiences I should have, you know? Like paying taxes and recieving bad penis enlargement spam.

WIP amnesty. I just--can't quite make myself give up on anything yet, even the one that I have cut up so much it looks like a patchwork quilt.


*sends amireal love, cause her week has been about as bad as mine*

Oh! OH.

Two new Sheppard icons! God, I added them and drooled over them and completely forgot.

by saya415

by mad_jaks

Seriously. I stare at these far, far too much.

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*sends love back*

So now I am all curious. Because I'm sure we have the same moments of "ACK! WTF??" And ditto on the bullet proof kink will give me heretofor unknown ability to suffer through PAIN in the name of kink.

The stupid *kink*. Dammit.

Hmm. Why do I think I know the story you mean?

which I saved to my hard-drive

*hangs head*

Sometimes, I play with the idea of making a separate folder for them? To you know--but then I think, do I really want to be able to see *how many* I keep in the name of kink?

No, I do not.

I know the feeling, though I really don't have too many squicks but the ones I have are rather bulletproof where my kinks are kind of all over the place and completely dependent on the ability of the writer to make me suspend disbelief.

*grins* I have like, very few bulletproof squicks. Maybe two? That I cannot read beyond, like, ever. *g* And when my kinks meet those, it is always a freaking throwdown. Dammit.

And then at two am you realize your reading a fic where Draco is a catboi and you have to go get shitfaced to cope with the horrible, crushing shame. We've all been there.

*curls up with you*

Yeah. *Just* like that.

I am exceptionally curious about:

a) your kink

b) exactly which story you are referring to.

Also, have you received mail from me?

yes! Yes yes yes, I got it Thursday adn I forgot to email you adn squee. It's waiting for tomorrow afternoon, when Child won't be siting beside me and asking earnestly why I'm drooling. it's just undignified.

*hugshugshugs* Sorry sorry I meant to email you and then completely didn't. THANK YOU. My week sucked a lot and now? It kind of looks like a *nice* week, what with ending with oh dear God pretty.

And--okay, in open lj I so cannot--it's so *stupid*. I mean, and it's sad, I'll admit a semiproof for bloodplay and guns and some others, but--it's just. So. *Stupid*. But it gets me in every time.

Fandom has recently dealt me a crushing blow, it has taught me that I have no bulletproof kinks.

I... this is so WRONG, I feel all bereft but seriously, one of the few things I thought could always comfort me deep in my soul (oh, you know where I mean) has FAILED ME.

Seriously, who the fuck knew it was possible to OVER-NEGOTIATE the hotness out of a threesome? NON-HOT THREESOMES?? Jesus wept.


*hugs hard* I am so, so, so sorry. I mean--wow. That's--*hugs*.

*sends cookies and porn*

The llamallama icon is hilarious! :D

i have so so much love for the "here's a sheppard" icon.


With apologies to Jenn for butting in.

I was laughing fit to burst while making it.
*runs and hides*

That sounds like the start of a horrific fanfic challenge: Making the bulletproof kinks and bulletproof squicks lists and then people wind up picking at least one from each column and combining them into fic...

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