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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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dear god
It's not enough that Joe Flanigan is my type in every conceivable way, and I keep staring at his hair and can't, literally cannot *not* stop and look at any screencap he is in, and there's a chance I stare at his thigh holster and exposed collarbone more than is reasonable, healthy, or sane. No. Of course not.

He speaks French.

Yeah. I'm kinda. Something. Having a moment. I'm sorry, that's not fair. That is so many *levels* of unfair. That is--whoa.

God, I need more icons of him.

French. Christ.

I think he was grown in a lab using science.

I could get through those hips, and his mouth, and the dear God, *stubble*, and I could breathe through pants that never seem to fit and those rare glimpses of skin (Christ, Resonant was totally onto something with that) and hey, his hair, I could still breathe. Sure, he's physically the type I am helplessly vulnerable to. But I can deal.

But. French.

Just no.


So this lab. Where, hypothetically, do you think it would be located? Easy plane ride distance?

Did you have to tell me that? He speaks French? This crush will never fucking end...

I know, what the fuck is up with that? Like his gorgeous self wasn't enough? Studied at the Sorbonne and speaks French.

My dear God.

The universe enjoys a good, malevolent laugh at the expenses of fans. Next thing we know, he also plays the piano and we will all weep.


He probably *does*. And like, rescues *puppies* out of gutters and-and-and I have *no idea* but French. The level of insane unfairness is staggering.

I just--*stares at your icon for a while*

and he dresses himself with the elegance of a frenchmen, even in casual clothes. the cut of the jacket that he wore to comic con? *le sigh*

you know his degree is in writing and he worked as a journalist for a bit, yes?

I should just give up now. I don't *crush* on actors, on *characters*, but...

The universe hates me. This is why I avoid knowing anything.

God. French.

I know! I saw that and made about 300 different faces, all of them sad, pathetic and fangirly.

*whimpers softly from far corner of office*

GUH!!! I totally feel you on the Joe Flanigan Obsession thing! Might be the reason like 99% of my SGA icons are of him... As if his hair and accent (what ever the hell it is) wasn't enthralling enough... I find out he speaks freaking French. Just lovely XD

I am going to devote like, a weekend, to hunting down unclaimed Sheppard icons and *add them*. I have two! HE SPEAKS FRENCH! He deserves, like, a hundred. OR at least fifty. I have that many slots left.

It is *so* totally unfair. Man, there aren't enough words to express the unfairness.

I am so so so tempted to ask him to say something in french at Peg-1. But my french is fucking awful and I would feel obliged to attempt to reply and yeah, I don't need that kind of public humiliation...

...nevermind the humiliation that suffering le petit mort in public would bring, either. :cough:

No. *bitter* There are not words to express the unfairness.

It would make it up to everyone a lot, though, if we *did* run across a nice episode of French speaking Pegasus people.

(And oh, man, you *should*. You totally should! Fannish duty! Begging! Please!)

I've known about the French thing for a while. Still haven't recovered from it though. There needs to be clones of the man. MANY MANY Clones. ::Nods sagely::

I deeply, deeply love that you are answering all comments on the desirablility of Joe Flanigan with your grumpy Rodney icon.

It's weirdly appropriate, isn't it?

*understands Rodney's Pain *so much**

Je, je... J'en ai presque pleuré de joie. *sniff* I'm doomed. D-O-O-M-E-D.

My Rosenbaum crush has not fadded 4 years later: how shall I survive an eternal Flanigan crush?

*pets you*

We all suffer together.

I knew he was smart, but oh my, he continues to prove to be the whole package. *swoon* ;D Really makes me feel bad that three years of high school French never stuck with me. Good for you, Joe!


I have no words anymore. Just quiet whimpering.

Okay, seriously. This is just wrong.

The hair. The face. The eyes. And now French?!


And you know, if this isn't a testament to John and Rodney's one true love, I don't know what is. I hold out for the French smut.


Aww crap, things like this aren't helping me get over my insane crushes on the Stargate cast.

I keep thinking about is that mouth and those lips wrapping themselves around another language. *biggiantsigh*

And I feel your pain for needing a moment..those arms, that hint of ankle everyonce in a while, that hair...those black t-shirts of teh sex..okay, I'll be in my bunk...

ANKLES. Bits of his collarbone. Just a *glimpse* of the hollow of his throat, if we are very lucky.

Yeah. Moment again.

Now if only they'd find some aliens that speak French, so we could hear him in action. That would be a beautiful, wonderful thing.

Pegasus needs French aliens like no one's business.