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Wow, my friends list is a HAPPY place.

Usual suspects for Interesting Thoughts.

Start here with latxcvi for thoughtful, considered, and fun analysis of the episode.

Here lexluvsclark goes on to discuss the Lucas and Clark parallels in Lex's mind, among other things.

And here, lexcorp_hope does a kick-ass analysis of the ep as well.

But you know what? Tons more. Everywhere. All fascinating. I need more time in the day just to keep up with them. Dammit.

In any case.

I have a vision. A vision of world ruled by the iron hand of Lex, with his sociopathic hotness at his side.

Yep. I'm pretty much doomed here.

Anyway, I'm bored. So. I make my own fun. You know, sometimes.

Bethy's taking over part of weirdbizarreficthing, thank you GOD, so I can finish up the sections I started and start working over with continuity and how over the top we can go. Livia suggested some cow-relatd crime, so if that shows up? All. Her. Fault.

Had a temper tantrum the other night when I found out someone was direct linking to one of the pics on Illuminated Text. Man, does that explain that damn bandwidth spike--the hit count at my diary and the stats page calling for that picture just DIDN'T match up at all, but I kept assuming that being different programs, I was just reading them wrong. But nope, and once I saw where it was coming from and did some math, ahhh, yes. Webalizer? Very nice thing to use, even if it's taken me this long to make heads or tails of how to read the information it gives me so it makes sense in context. I wonder if I can start tracking more specifically?

I'm curious--being passive aggressive, I just changed the name of the picture, but should I email the blogger and ask her to not do that anymore? Frankly, I'm beyond being patient with stupidity and the 'net's been around long enough for the very basics of netiquette to be known, so either it's accidental or deliberate and I'm not in the mood to deal with either one. It's not like the blogger in question DIDN'T have other pictures hosted on her own site. She just had that one linked back to mine.

Or maybe I'm overreacting. *sigh* I don't care. Bandwidth is bandwidth. And that spike worried me a LOT.

Huh. Endlessly boring, that's me.

I'm updating my Favorite Fanfic Quotes again, because I keep losing my list in my folders, and diary and LJ are reliable.

Inspirational material. Happiness.

Earlier ones can be found here in the diary. I swear I had more there, but for the life of me I can't find the page.


Lex smiles, but it does not reach his eyes. "Clark, I am the master of crash and burn. Did it with drugs, did it with sex, did it with money, did it with all the wrong people in all the wrong places." He makes a banner headline gesture with his hands. "And every last bit of it made the headlines."

And Under Stars by Brighid (mz_bstone)


Clark's throat is raw from too much feeling, and finally, sound just fails. So he settles for pressing a grateful kiss to Lex's side. And Lex seems to understand, because he tightens his hold. In the fierceness of his grip, Clark can feel all the important things that Lex wants him to know--*mine* and *safe* and *thank you*.

Aphrodesia by Lenore


Clark had never had to hold him down.

The ultimate in tranquil, in oozing confidence like it was some kind of excess chemical his body gave off at will, Lex didn't...

Lex didn't *squirm*.

Balance by Grail (bookend)


It had been the first thing he'd learned, before English, before shoelaces and patty cake, a lesson drilled into him by loud voices and frightened eyes, by the thrumming heart under his ear as his mother hurried him back to the car. Never let anyone see. Never do anything in public. Never, ever, ever tell anyone.

Better by shallot (astrolat)


Lex's eyes are dark, his feelings no longer obscured; Clark knows that look. He's imagined it so often he's made it real. Clark isn't capable of looking away. Then he remembers: capable. Dominic had made the word ugly. Capable, he'd said - an implication of darkness. "In your heart, Clark, you've always known what Lex was capable of."

Yes, thinks Clark, as Lex kisses him, holds him, mends fences for him. I did know. He's capable of this.

Capable by Destina (destina)


Lex speaks Latin, scribbles quantum equations on cocktail napkins, and mumbles about Alexander the Great in his sleep. He gives impromptu speeches about bad science-fiction, collects comic books, and chooses restaurants based on what he's driving. He has ten pairs of the same black pants, hates to fly, and always knows the exchange rate for the yen. And even if he's never used the words, he loves Clark, and Clark's beginning to realize just how badly he underestimated him.

Clark had assumed that Lex would be the one confused about how love works, but apparently it's Clark that needs to get a clue. He thought he understood the boundaries of their relationship, but maybe there weren't any, maybe Clark just thought there were. Maybe the reason Lex hasn't made any grand gestures is because he's waiting for Clark to be ready for them.

Freshman Orientation by Punk


Warm again. And heavy, and if his wrist hadn't been broken before it probably was now, but Clark's tongue was in his mouth and there was hot chocolate on the way, and blankets, and probably the yelling of a concerned parent, which would at least be novel, if not exactly pleasant or comfortable.

Warm everywhere, dark and quiet. Clark was right; the storm was over. At some point it had even stopped snowing.

Lex hadn't noticed.

Ice by Meredith Lynne (merryish)


But apparently his mouth wasn't done. "Why?"

He wasn't sure what he meant -- maybe, why this consideration? This gentle care, when tonight it was to be delivered like a parcel to his father?

But it seemed to think he was asking something else. Or maybe he was dreaming, now, because as he slipped down into sleep he could just see the creature's dark outline against the shut curtains, a faint afternoon glow behind, and maybe the voice that followed was from his own head.

"Why? Because given two possible answers, you always choose the dark and assume the light is a lie."

It shifted then, moving closer, and the voice in his head spoke calmly.

"And the only victims who survived the Salem witch trials were the ones who confessed."

Mercy by Koi (koimistress)

"Didn't mean to freak on you." Clark's mouth descended to Lex's chest.

"Is that what that was?"

Clark shifted, sliding up so that the beginnings of his erection were delightfully obvious through the soft layer of cloth between them. Lex inhaled sharply and opened his eyes to find Clark watching him intently. "What did you think it was?"

Lex lifted his hand to trace Clark's lips with one finger. "Being close."

Clark's face lit up, and Lex drank in the light. "Yeah," Clark breathed. "You're right. It was."

Persuasion by Lanning (lanning)


Clark leaned down, kissing the sharp jut of one shoulder as Lex busied himself with removing Clark's clothes. So natural. Familiar. This was being a grown up, and maybe being in love.

A Picture of Home by Wendi (happyminion)


Clark dreamed of Lara daughter of Lor-Van for the first time since he was a child. He had forgotten that she had dark hair just like his, warm eyes that looked at him with so much love, and a gentle smile that told him he was safe. But he remembered the voice that made him feel less alone -- that had stayed with him all this time even though he'd thought he had forgotten it as well.

"Don't be afraid to fall, Clark," said Lara.

"I wasn't," said Clark.

Rushing Headlong by Isos Arei


Nicky's running in circles, his arms spread wide, trying to fly. "I'm Superman!"

There are days when I wonder if he knows we're the same person.

"Did you see that, Daddy? I was being you."

And then there are days when I don't. The line between Clark Kent and Superman disappears a little bit every day.

Scenes on a Bridge by Jessica (dammitcarl)


No, your anger was more at how you felt-- regret. You knew you weren't going to see her again and there was a small sense of loss, which circled back on itself to being another loss of control. You'd never intended to like her, to like her soft moans, her sharp nails, the glint in her eye when you mentioned Dominic-- or your father. Like she'd adopted your cause. Nobody had ever done that before. You shouldn't have let it become a bargaining chip.

You wouldn't let it happen again.

Variations on Habit by Molly (molly36)

There's a few links I didn't have time to get to, darn it, but I shall add them as I can get them. *happysigh* Pretty ficness.
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