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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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gakked from wrenlet
children of dune - leto 1
I--couldn't resist.

The Top Ten Ways You Know You Are Reading a Seperis story:

1.) Present tense, third person. Seriously, that is like the fingerprint of doom there.

2.) One paragraph = one sentence. No, really. One page can be like, ten entire sentences, much spindled and mutilated.

3.) Single person pov, and that someone is taking everything way too seriously.

4.) For about four pages, you will wonder if you missed the first part of the story. Then you realize--no, she actually *started* in the middle.

5.) Codicil to four: sometimes, you find out what happened in the beginning.

6.) Never met an adverb or adjective I didn't start a relationship with and offer marriage to.

7.) My OTP will be ohmygodsoinloveforeverandever if I have to end the world to get it to work out. In retrospect, you'd think I could find an easier way.

8.) Sometimes, there are long, long descriptions of food preparation, eating, and dressing. To this day, I still have no idea what I find inspiring about making a sandwich, but there you go.

9.) No one ever gets to have issue-free orgasms. No. The orgasms are (choose three):

a.) deep b.) deep and meaningful c.) rife with self-disgust d.) disturbing e.) possessive/stalkery f.) creepy g.) involving Lionel and/or Lucas Luthor h.) depressed i.) miserable j.) way too long in coming. k.) seriously overthinking it l.) requiring alcohol m.) requiring therapy n.) sometimes requiring medical intervention o.) with the wrong person (requires c, d, e, f, g, h, i, or l in conjunction)

10.) and I ran out there. So. Yeah. Nine! Yay me!

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Single person pov, and that someone is taking everything way too seriously.

I love you so much right now. *glee* Also. This is a sign that you should write Batman. Just sayin'. *gentle nudge, is evil beyond the telling of it*

Oh God no. I just--he *scares me*.

7.) My OTP will be ohmygodsoinloveforeverandever if I have to end the world to get it to work out.

And you're totally not even exaggerating ;)

*glum* Yeah. I'm--waiting for my kink to come out in SGA. The deadJohn story might be it, if I can ever figure out the freaking *plot* besides everyoeon going aroudn depressed.

*sighs* *stares at list* *sighs again*

*giggles madly*

Hell, I'll get my OTP together if I have to kill people to do it. But I only did that the once, so.

Supernatural has swallowed me whole. I had a crack-AU fall together in my head last week and I finished with "... and then I think the world ends." Maybe you're rubbing off on me.

Yes! That is True OTPing.

*giggles* Crack AU's rock.

This one... might get me strung up by my toes. *ponders* But what the hey, right? :D

I love it. I am still laughing.

They may, yes, sometimes be j.) way too long in coming.

But omg *they're worth it*

Just to introduce myself--I'm a major fan from your site. And, wow, these bullet points? Totally on, but they're exactly what makes your writing so great!

And thank goodness for the happy ending imperative. OTPs are OTPs precisely because they get together, stay together, adopt children, and we all know it. ;P

Hey! Thank you very much!

Even my non-happy I imagined out a possible happy endinng. Which there aren't many. *grins*

I'd saved a WiP post of yours to my palmpilot a while back, and finally read it last night. It took almost no time to realize it was you, but I read several paragraphs before I realized it was likely the beginning of the story *g* The one I'm thinking of is insane Rodney in the alternate universe? The asylum with Kate and Same and Ford, and John at McMurdo. Are you still working on that one? I rather liked it.

*facepalm* that one could be the *epitome* of me not wanting to bother with backstory, just go for the fun. You know the only problem with that one? I cannot logic it out. Which is crazy, this is SGA, there is no logic, but...yeah. No, it's not like, dead, i poke it every so often. *stares at it* They should at least get to have crazy sex, you know?

11. Incredibly well written and staggeringly hot.

(Hi, by the way. I've been reading your SV stuff for a while, and I'm a big fan of your work. Will there ever be more of Pretty When You're Mine?)

Oh, and #9 just kills me.

*grins* Thanks!

Pretty? I honestly don't know.

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