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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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*happy sigh*
john, first strike
Child, on finishing Siege Part II.

Child: I like Major Sheppard.
Me: Hmm?
Child: He kicks ass!
Me: *half-hearted scold for language*
Me: *glowing*

My kid is so cool.

He's very worried about how John will survive. He understands episodic TV, so current theory includes him *bailing out of the puddlejumper at the last minute* and something involving tractor beams. Heh.

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Child: He kicks ass!
Me: *half-hearted scold for language*
Me: *glowing


Wow, you're raising a good little future pop culture and LJ junkie. Keep up the good work!

T'other day, my two girls were playing in the tub. They were making weird faces at each other. I asked 'em, "Whatchadoon'?" and they said, "We're seeing who can make the best Wraith face.' O_O Then they said, "You try it!" So I narrowed my eyes, bared my teeth just a little, and thought Wraith-y thoughts. It must have been pretty good because they both kind of shrank back against the tub wall and told me to stop now.

As I left the room, I heard them deciding which one of them was John and which was Rodney. *g*

So, when does Child get to see "Seige, Part III"?!

Haha! Your child roxors! XD I've recently managed to hook my younger sister into the show, and she adores Rodney. The grumpiest characters have always been her favourite though, so I don't know why I was surprised *g*

That is so cool, your kid is awesome. I wonder what he will say when he sees Siege III?:)

You have one very perceptive child!

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