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lj password explanation
children of dune - leto 1
elke_tanzer talks here on the password change thing that's been coming up around LJ, so if you've been asked to do so, go read her take on the whys and wherefores.

ETA: Went ahead and changed mine. *shrug* I have to do hideously complex, multiple special character/uppercase character/number combinations for work already.

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I am still utterly entertained when I stare at our default icons side by side.

We are seperated at birth OMG!

I am obviously the good one.

But if you have a hard time remembering things, and try to keep everything to 2 different password to make it simple... I don't wanna change!

God I know. My passwords to some government databases was--impossible to remember or get right. Seriously, I had to have tech do it *every time* the quarterly change came around. Then I started this pattern recognition thing with passwords and wrote up several in a list and started just pulling from those. I hate it, but they're all variations on a single theme, sort of, so--yeah. At least LJ isnt' making me change the damn thing every three months.

*remembers with loathing*

*pets you* Ride the pain.

There are also programs out there that are "password keepers" you'd have to research for the best ones, without spyware and stuff, but they're pretty useful.

Nice, this was quite helpful.

And yeah, changed mine as well. Not that my LJ is really worth breaking into. :D

I was so cranky when I heard about that. I changed it, but I wanted it noted that I'm still bitter. Still bitter!

Thanks for the link to elke_tanzer's explanation. I've passed it on to a password-grumbling friend -- and doubtless will to others, as the complaints surface ...

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