Seperis (seperis) wrote,

about liv's vid

Okay, re-uploaded and in theory, it works. I'd test it myself, but since I have dial-up, the upload took me about an hour and the download will take me more and I don't have enough time to do it before I leave. But. It says it's up at full size.


Vid by Livia Penn for Standing in the Common Spaces. Please right click and save file, do NOT play off the server. Bandwidth issues are still in effect, and I don't want to take it from everyone else.

Anyway, tell liviapenn what you think here in email or or her LJ. And anyone just feel free to tell me if it still isn't working and I'll try again tonight.

*stares at file* Work, damn you. Work I say!

Sometimes, griping at inanimate objects helps. Though in this case? It's a virtual inanimate object. Sort of.

*thinks* IS a video an object?
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