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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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and this is why madelyn is going to hell
children of dune - leto 1
seperis: When he is grown up again it will be so disturbing
seperis: John willl be in the mess
svmadelyn: *dies laughing*
seperis: And Teyla will be like eat your vegetables.
seperis: and like, slapping his hand.
svmadelyn: and for awhile, he *does*.
svmadelyn: he's so conditioned to it.
seperis: And realize, sadly, that never ever will Teyla see him as a sexual beingn again ever.
John: *knocks on Rodney's door at two a.m.*
svmadelyn: John: When I was looking at that priestess from PX3-443, did you give me the *birds and the bees speech*?
svmadelyn: Rodney:....
svmadelyn: John: I was *eight*.
svmadelyn: Rodney: It's you and a potential *Ancient*. Like I was taking any chances.
seperis: *chokes*
seperis: Oh God.
svmadelyn: John: I keep having nightmares that my dick is going to crawl inside me!
svmadelyn: Rodney: *fidgets*
svmadelyn: John: Oh my God, you told me that if I looked at girls funny things would crawl inside me!
seperis: *cries laughing*
svmadelyn: Rodney: I couldn't come up with anything else to say!
svmadelyn: John: Nightmares, McKay! Nightmares!
seperis: *CAN'T BREATHE*
svmadelyn: Rodney: Oh, get over it. You know it's not true now.
svmadelyn: John: I keep picturing it like a *snail*.
svmadelyn: Rodney: Stop! Stop talking!
svmadelyn: John: I'm telling Teyla!
svmadelyn: Rodney: You're not eight anymore! Stop behaving irrationally!
svmadelyn: John: You're so messed up! You're so messed up!
svmadelyn: John: Okay. We're going to catalog every stupid thing you ever told me
svmadelyn: so that I can debug you from my--from my system here.
svmadelyn: John: ....if I touch the Ancient electrode lamp thingy, my finger isn't going to fall of, is it.
svmadelyn: John: And if I roll my eyes when you're hunting for coffee, they're not going to get stuck that way in my head, are they.
svmadelyn: John: I feel all upside down and lost. *sits down*
svmadelyn: Rodney: *feels like crap!*
svmadelyn: John: *this is so much better than crying!*

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*SNORK* You two are lucky I wasn't eating or drinking anything when I read that. *snicker*

OMG!I love it! really I do which is ood considering it's not really my fandom but it so could be... I have to start watching the show now. yes I must. so will this be a fic or are you both just playing around cause that cracks me up so much! err sorry didn't mean to ramble..

[is laughing hysterically omg]

Oh, god, so much LOVE and ... hilarity! Can't stop laughing. Heeeeeee. Hehehehe. Bweee!

...like a snail? ...the imagery is KILLING ME. But in a good way. Like dying from laughter!

::flails whilst catses flee in terror::

See, this is why you two ROCK and the rest of us just sit around, laughing hysterically and waiting for what's next.

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