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children of dune - leto 1
I think I can safely state that I have reached *new levels* of boredom when I'm surfing the CDC website, looking to see all the diseases that so far, I do not have.

The list includes:

1.) African Sleeping Sickness (two kinds!)
2.) Anthrax
3.) Smallpox (four kinds! FOUR KINDS!)
4.) This one that involves a worm emerging from your skin every so often to reproduce. Seriously, folks, never mention this one to me again, because just reading about it reminds me of all the reasons that I like my water in coffee form.
5.) Mad Cow Disease (called something unpronounceable when applied to humans)
6.) Tuberculosis

CDC is not crack. It makes crack look good and pure and healthy. Real boredom leads you to diagnose yourself in the bathroom for bubonic plague because those darn lymph nodes are looking a little enlarged, don't you think?

...this is where I wander off to quietly convince myself I'm developing bacterial meningitis, isn't it?

Carry on.

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Isn't it awesome? There are CDC trading cards too on their website!


*goes to look*

Are you watching House? Cause they've covered most of the diseases you've just listed.

ooh yeah. Hence now I am anticipating the next round of mysterious diseases. I have a dream that one day I will beat Houes to a diagnosis

It's not much of a dream. But by God, it is mine.

What I like is that 4/6 of those have featured on House in the last two years. Avoid fictional New Jersey at all costs!

Oh, wait.

Bubonic plague, check, African Sleeping, western, check...

Which others?

What are you doing, researching a McKay hypochondria fic?

I only wish I could say I had a good reason. But no. Just to see all the various ways I can die, basically.

RE: 4.

Thank you for giving me the heebie jeebies. *shudders*


Just reading about it--just no. But wait! I'll find uyou a link where they talk about how they remove it! Because nothing, and I repeat *nothing*, can quite match the thing with the stick they do.

I'm looking at Tay-Saks now. THis is probably a good time to ask for someone to just go ahead and save me from myself.

(called something unpronounceable when applied to humans)

Creutzfeld-Jakob, hm?
Also, I'm quite surprised that the list of diseases you don't have (or haven't had) so far doesn't include Ebola. Having you been holding out on us?

The list she's looking at may be limited to diseases we've actually seen in the US... I don't think there have been Ebola cases on this continent, but I could be mistaken.

Jenn, I adore you so much. Shall I entertain you with the tale of the Sushi Boat?

Why did I never think of this? *trots off to look for CDC trading cards to give neice for Christmas*

*giggles* Isn't it *marvelous*?

I knew a guy who was in the Peace Corps and went to West Africa. He has this harrowing tale of a time he went running and got horridly lost and wandered into a strange village (in running shorts, in an area where showing your knees is a horrible offense and he was nearly lynched) and ended up trying to make it back to the main road and nearly passed out from exhaustion and ended up drinking water out of a muddy ditch to avoid death and when he finally found he spent like a week afterwards hyperventilating and convinced he had gotten the horrible worm thing and checking every couple hours to see if it had burst through his skin yet.

And I think he actually got to watch them remove the worm from another guy with the stick, and got to see the big scars. He is the reason I will never, ever go near Africa ever.

Yes. With the stick. Where they slowly, over *weeks*, pull it out of the emergence place and wrap it around a *stick*.

I'm sorry. I'd die of starvation, being unable to eat and *know* that was in my body.

*shudders* Also, eww, just writing that is killing my appetite for lunch.

I hope it's a longer list than that!

Well, some Iv'e ruled out as *definitely* not having, yes.

The CDC website is awesome - the pages on weapons of mass destruction are especially excellent. Not to mention their avian flu fact sheets. I am agog that they have trading cards. Someone has a sick sense of humor in that organization.

I know loads about anthrax, if you have any questions not covered by the CDC.

...weapons of mass destruction?

Oh God, I never saw that part.

*going to look RIGHT NOW*


that's okay - I'll join you, only I'll be worrying about Mad-Cow disease.


I progressed to human mutatino via thalidomide.

Yeah. I need more hobbies.

Infectious Disease Fun Facts!

* Tuberculosis is the only disease in which the victim patient can be IMPRISONED, as in law enforcement and jail etc., for not taking his medication and doing follow-up!

* Re: mad cow disease turned unpronounceable. Creutzfeld-Jacob or bovine spongiform encephalopathy? :P But one of the docs at work told me that it shows up really fast after you contract it, so it's not like you eat beef jerky one day and it shows up YEARS later, like some happy illnesses.

* Bubonic plague is embedded in the wild rodent population in the Western United States, an after-effect of the great plague in San Francisco during the turn of the century. Hunters, campers, and others who have close contact with the wildlife of this region have the highest risk of joining the dozen or so patients who contract plague each year in the U.S. (For a really excellent account of the San Francisco Plague, I recommend Marilyn Chase's book "The Barbary Plague: The Black Death in Victorian San Francisco." I've never been able to look at all those beautiful Bay Area Victorian houses the same since!)

Just so you know, well, I'm afraid that I read your journal because I adore your fanfiction, which is probably vaguely creepy, but you and svmadelyn hooked me into the first fandom that I ever got into fandom before the actual show, Smallville, and now I am falling in love with Stargate: Atlantis exactly the same way. It is sad.

Re: Infectious Disease Fun Facts!

TB I can agree with, since it takes so horrendously long to cure and is pretty damn infectious. It really is a case where individual freedom to ignore one's own health impinges on others.

You are so funny. And those trading cards are *strange*. Yeah, I see the educational value, but still ...

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