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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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sekrit note to issaro and madelyn
children of dune - leto 1
Hey, who was the first one to write secret as sekrit? Not that I'm complaining, but it's like, so much the norm that I live in daily terror that I'll pull that one day in a story.

Right. Anyway.

issaro and svmadelyn - finished Part V. There's this slight chance I can do the ending. I'm trying not to get excited. But oh God, I *finished it*.

So, send to you or not?

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*big teary cupie eyes*

Are you cheating on me?

Its' more of a modified polygany, really. I mean--it was here before! It was here first! It's my last big fling! With the long heartrendering epic sex as we say goodbye and all.

After, I'm *all yours*. And SGA's. Promise.

*clings to you like an OOC John who's just watched his woobie Rodney try and sacrifice himself in the name of twoo wuv.

I should have asked for a prenup!

He was a terrible boyfriend, he left the toilet seat up and took the last of my coffee and made me cry a lot. But! The sex was *fantastic*. It's auld lang syne! I promise!

*sniffles tearily*

I deserve chocolates. And porn. *points to inbox*

If I'm left a bitter old Rodney maid I'm so rewiring your computer when you're not looking.

*blows nose loudly*

*siiiighs deeply and starts plucking petals off flowers*

My fannish hive mind thinks that it has something to do with someone's "Verry Sekrit Diaries," but my fannish hive mind is sometimes unreliable.

HMm. That sounds possible.

OMG do you need to ask???? Send!!! issaro 23 at hot mail dot com

*giggles* Were you like me? With the trying out the word on my tongue, Laaand-scape? What--is...this? And then the blinking? And then the wandering off for porkchops and then it was still there?


UH YEAH. THEY HAD SHAKE AND BAKE AND MY MOMMY MADE THEM AND I DID NOT HAVE TO COOK. Landscape has been, oh, what, a year+ project? I have been waiting since--what, *March*? It can wait for a) dinner b) answering e-mails because I am a good challenge organizer c) wrapping Christmas presents and d) preparing cards for journeys to far off countries and now, e) cheesecake, *Oreo* cheesecake.

You're so lucky I still *look at you*.

Ha! No, no porkchops but I did refresh a couple of times to make sure she was talking to me *g* Now, of course, reading the comments posted above I feel like I should save it, savor it, go oh so slowly because it is the end! Damn you SGA fandom! *shakes fist and cries in highly melodramatic manner*

The commentor does not actually have the power to damn people, and even if she did, the comment was not meant to be taken literally as the comentor knows that people out grow fandoms, especially when SV has broken her heart as well. That being said --- DAMN you SGA fandom!

hmmm... that was supposed to be little font not big font. ah well...

*pats you* Oh please. SV is like the mafia. Or a gang. You and I are still breathing and able to make "oh, oh, the only thing in the WORLD that is going to make me feel any BETTER is if you write just a couple words of things with the words Clark and Lex in them" puppy eyes and well, Jenn goes for that. The trick is--you know, weak moments. I can be patient. I have allllll the time in the world. *reads above* Aww. We can let her have that for awhile. She's so cute.

*eyes* Why don't you read SGA? *is curious* Because--there is much funness to be had. There are *turtles*, Issaro. And *ponies*. And *babies*, oh, oh, Issaro, there are *babies*! Can I rec you things? I could rec you very pretty things.

I've watched most of the first season and I just can't find the love. It's cute, it's fun, but... no love. If I was a less secure fan girl I'd wonder if my gaydar was broken *smirk* And, of course you may rec me something to find the love, hon, I just can't garuntee the results.

*rubs hands* Excellllllentttt. Hmm. What kinds of stories do you like? Plotty? Really hilarious? What are your three or four favorite SV things? I can work with that.

Because I am enterprising, I already have a built-in SGA pimpery post. I vote for starting there, read all of those, then come back to me and we'll get you set up, or you can say, oh my GOD the FANFICTION doesn't work EITHER and I really am just BROKEN and I can give you a sad, confused look but like you anyway because, hello, I like recognizing a fellow moon vs. pitly Earth person when I see one.


And when you want a break from the longer, plottier things, we have turtles: (I like the rest, but it's the FIRST one, the FIRST one that slays me.)


Also! Did you read yet?!?!?! (so much for the savoring *snort*) The Clark and the Lex woobie! And Lex arguing with Clark about saving Lex (clone). EEEE!!! Am so excited about the end now. There will be world saving and things put to rights and woobie sex!!!

I didn't read yet! I don't get to read until Wednesday because I have been bad with the--you know, papers and such. I'm just going to read the entire thing. I mean, if it's Jenn's last SV hurrah, it must be savored, you know. (*spares moment to clutch sides--last...hurrah....ahahaha awww*) But I anticipate the world saving and things put to rights and woobie sex greatly. Also, the three of us should do a chat sometime this week. For Jenn's last SV hurrah wink wink. (Note how I don't even bother with the attempt for small text.)

Thursday night? I don't have to work on friday *bg*

*grins* Works for us. I'll be on around 9:30ish CST?

In The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (1984) the Red Lactroids spell it "sekrit."

Oooh, cool Fannish trivia! Thanks!

I first saw 'sekrit' at Rahirah's LJ. Dunno if that is the point of origin .....

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