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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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my god it is done
children of dune - leto 1

Ten thousand words of porn. You know, I still can't actually believe it even when I look at it. As a cowriter, amireal is the devil, assualting me at work with porny snippets, accosting me in AIM with more snippets, attacking sneakily with, yes, more snippets.

cjandre, email me por favor? I need your services. No, not *those* services. The other ones where you mock me and correct my grammar.

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You say no only because that makes it hotter.

And I quote: OMG, am watching nails grow. NAILS GROW! Wake up and entertain me.

Tease! To leave us chafing in anticipation of a new story--it's raw unblushing audacity. You might as well have flashed your tits at us and run away. You are so lucky that my low-orbit spy satellite with 2-millimeter high-resolution and digital magnification capabilities is in the shop right now.

I mean, assuming that you even have your computer monitor angled toward the nearest window.


Do you?

My God woman, you ahve *no idea* what I've suffered this week. With the porn at work and the "look, John naked part pretty" like she knows all my weaknesses.


I need a cigarette. And perhaps cookies.

*sends lube instead*

We're not done women. Ten minute breather and then you're back in.

Think pretty John parts thoughts.

Oh my god I totally wish I could give you cookies. I baked oatmeal chocolate chip for the bash today and have too many left over. I'm going to try and pawn them off on people tomorrow.

*tries to launch a cookie toward Texas*

Um, we are going to be seeing this soon, right? Becuase anything written by you that involves porn has got to be good. So.....when do we get to read it?

*bounces up and down in anticipation of porn*

Oooh, can't wait *bounces excitedly*

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