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mmmmm repairing things

I'd like to say that I haven't been tryign to destroy any electronics, because I'm close to my six months free of destruction, but well.

Yeah. I'd also like to say that I'm not listening to Poison by Alice Cooper, but you know, it would totally not be true.

Last night, something got under my laptop's n key. Short version, I managed to pop the entire thign out. worked on it for a bit, then had to go offline before somethign tragic happened, like I try to disassemble it--yeah, I know, but keep in mind, I used to run my vcr with a butter knife and foil, so...

Anyway, I still had all the pieces, including the glued down rubber piece that in my frenzy of computer-improvement I'd managed to get unglued. When I came home this afternoon, I drafted people to help me, and when they weren't fast enough, I took over myself and snapped the little plastic thingie that gives the keys their springiness.

You'd think this would be a disaster, which is *is*, but then there is Tape.

What most people don't realize is that Tape is the best fucking invention of the universe. It beats fire, bread, and sometimes, even chocolate. The thing about Tape is, provided you just completely disobey common sense, it *works*.

So I got the little rubber thing positioined on the naked keys, put a long strip fo clear tape on the n key, and taped it to b and m. And let me say, Electronics for Trailer Trash works *really well*. I have no idea if it will work for long, but I can replace tape when necessary.

Life is good.

This was brought to you by Jenn's Home Repair Seminar series--following The VCR That Wanted to Die and Could Not, the Christmas Lights of Electrical Shortage, the Adventures with Television and Super Cool X-Ray Boxes, and the Days of Air Conditioning Repair. Sometimes, I think my very existence proves that Darwin's Laws do not apply to those who really wish hard. And also, amuse themselves by giving their at teh time four year old child an entire stereo system to disassemble for fun. That is one day going to so bite me in the ass.
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