Seperis (seperis) wrote,

mmmm, movie

Took Child to see The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which was--wow. Jsut as good as I hoped. Perhaps even better. I--hmm.

It always worked for me on both levels--as a secular fairy story of sorts, and as a Christian allegory, what have you. And I'm perfectly comfortable reading it either way. Leaving out the Eternal Debates About Susan (which I honestly don't see as some strange anti-woman thing going on, but I respect the other interpretations of it), what I love about it best is that for me, it's the spirit of my religion. It's maybe a simplistic thing, but on the other hand, to me, Christianity is simple. The spirit is forgiveness, and becoming something stronger, something better despite the mistakes you make, growing beyond them, learning from them, accepting them, doing what we can to fix them and regret them, and moving the fuck *on* from them. And it's in a nutshell why I can't accept the strictures of the Christian Right in America, and it's all kind of broken down into Aslan saying, what's done is done, and everyone saying, okay. And we are done here.

I mean, if I were a missionary, I'd set everyone down with these suckers and say, read *this*. This is what we're supposed to be. Three lines in a book. That's everything you need to know about Christianity, and it's so simple, and it never ceases to blow my mind that somehow, we still manage to get *that* wrong so completely.

You can see I'm not and never have been a theologian.
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