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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1
Ice day. Child home, so stayed home with him.

Oh Austin, you have pleased me. Very much. Please. Keep the temperatures low.

Outside, a squirrel rebellion is in full swing against the oppression of the birds, including a blue jay. Very cool.

Hmm. I need something interesting to do. Porn. Hmm.

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please right us some lovely SGA porn
I'm working on architectural specifications all day and if I can't break the tedium up with some much needed McShep, I shall lose my mind......

Except the University libraries are closed too. So many papers due. Libraries should not be closed. :(

Which was sort of a random comment from a random person -- I mean, please write more porn. Or Rain Gods. Yes, do that.

Porn! Or think of poor Assassin!John, standing there on the tarmac? Doesn't he deserve porn? I think so.

Porn! Or Rain Gods. Plus porn!

You got an ice day! Yay! (What happened to *my* ice day? I was all set to just stay home and drink hot chocolate and watch really stupid Xmas movies with the kids All Day, but nooo. The local school system suddenly developed *fortitude* out of *nowhere*. I'm telling you, this is the school sytem that closes if it even *looks* like it might snow and yet I actually had to Go Outside and deliver the children because I couldn't make myself shove them out the door at 7 ayem this morning to catch the bus. It was **TEN** degrees out there. **BEFORE** wind chill!!!)(It is now a balmy **FOURTEEN**)(I actually told them they didn't have to go, no really, please, let's just stay home, but they must really like school.)

If you're thinking of writing porn, I would like to poke urge you gently in the direction of the Fic In Which John Is Not Manly. Because I really liked that one.

And also more Rain Gods would be really really nice.

And, um, still worried about John there in "Mexico City"....

Of course, if you're talking about *reading* porn, well, I totally understand, since I have apparently decided to devote *every spare moment* (and several not so spare) to reading SG:A porn.

It really is crack.

You could talk about Farscape. *blinks innocently*

We were in Austin yesterday, were supposed to come back tonight. But our families kept calling all freaked out so we left yesterday morning.

I promise one day I will live in Austin.

And hopefully you meant Austin as in "Austin, TX" because otherwise I'm just makin' an ass outta myself. *g*

Squirrels! Yay! Go get that blue jay!

Also, wheeeeeee LEXMAS. I shall send you a reminder e-mail just there are no convenient "memory lapses" or "I fell asleeps!" or tragical other things.

I truly do love this town. ICE DAY!

(I need an icon with snow.)

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