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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so, not practicing left handed writing tonight
children of dune - leto 1
Basically, I just don't do enough polls. I feel this is part of my duty as a livejournaler. Also, thete1 did one, and if Te does it, it is good. So there you have it. It's kind of like peer pressure, but without the actual pressure.

So tell me why you are on this journal, 'cause seriously, I do not buy that I am that interesting. When even I consider the cheese story the height of my entertainingness, well, it's just scary.

Poll #629371 Give Me Thoughts

Why are you here?

porn, of course.
the cheese story, of course
waiting to see if one day you'll turn on everyone in fiery vengeance (could happen)
no clue
blackmail material and/or being blackmailed
mortal terror
might comment below, if I can think of something

Honestly? I friended you waaaaay back because you're smart, and I think I like you. The porn? Added bonus ;-)

*grins* Porn is always good.

Hmm. I'm remembering when you posted you were going to add me--God, was it that meta on names?

*pondering* Loooong time ago. Hmm.

(Deleted comment)
RIGHT! IT WAS A *RIGHT TURN*. Everyone does this. I mean, I totally undestand, teh bathroom is in an incovenient place. We need a *map*.

(Deleted comment)
*grins* Porn is always a good reason. Porn pretty! Like fire, but somewhat less damaging.

1. Faith in the eventual appearance of naked pictures, or at least more fetish-wear pictures.

2. Totally groove on your work-posts.

3. For you are my Jenn, now and forever.

1.) Aww, you have only to ask. And me find some.

2.) Heh. Can't beat left handed writing for good times at work.

3.) *hugs hard*

I'm here because I find you hot think you're hilarious and awesome, of course. =P

I am suspicious, but deeply shallow, so flattery gets you everywhere. *glows*

Got hooked on your X-Men stories - especially Love & Lust. Followed into your SV fics, found your LJ. Am so incredibly happy you're in SGA now. :)

Fandom is sometimes like a huge, extended family. I've been wanting to do my fandom geneaology one day--the crazy cousin in the attic, the leprosy-stricken aunt, that sort of thing. And then I remember I don't want to be killed. *sighs for lost dreams*

Wait -- is the cheese story from when you used to work in fast food?

Yep! My one claim to fun, really. Cheese tricks.

Because sometimes the only way to survive a day is by reminding myself that smart people really do exist...and sometimes they write great porn.

Aww, that is really sweet. Thank you!

And yes, ,the porn. Ah, God, the porn.

I came for the SGA fic, but then I liked all the other entries so much I stayed. Hi!

What cheese story? There's a cheese story?

Well now I'm here for the cheese story. *g*

Umm...I don't remember why I was here originally -- probably SV porn -- but at this point I'm just here 'cause I sorta like you.

Re: What cheese story? There's a cheese story?

Oh, wait, the cheese bridge feat of engineering story? I remember that. That was a good story.

I think I found your fiction before I even found lj for the first time. I love your writing so much and it's an added bonus getting to share a little slice of your life as well.

I'm just glad you've never minded the silly fangirl over here in the corner too terribly badly. :)

*hugs* Thank you. I'm trying to think of something sufficiently witty, but let's face it, when it happens, it's an accident or I'm drinking, sooo.

Seriously, awww. Seriously of the sweetness.

There was a time when I seemed likely to be sucked into SV fandom and followed your journal, but there was the show itself to contend with and Te was all persuasive so now I am in DC, but like your writing! And that is my story. The end.


And, you rock in general.

The sheer joy of reading good stories makes it kind of hard to not read this journal. Plus, your recs. And, uhm, don't get the wrong, but you amuse me far too much.

Should probably add to the reasons that there was quite a squeal of delight when I saw your name pop up in SGA when I had lost track of your writing since the X-Men days. First thought: Excellent, plotty stories in this fandom again, finally!

Good porn but also, interesting journal and commentary. Plus, mortal terror and the fascination that some day you might turn on everybody with fiery vengeance. Now, that should be entertaining.
In the meantime, watching like a hawk for the next story in your Rodney does South America series. Mexico City was just brilliant!