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sgareview - critical mass, s2e13

Emailed to svmadelyn earlier this morning.

I'm sad to say, it's still true.

To give you an idea of what special level of bored I have achieved.

I have a notebook. In it, I am trying ot teach myself to write legibly with my left hand.

Wait. There's more.

I can't write legibly with my *right* hand. I have been doing this long enough that they are officially on par. Perahps my left even looks clearer.

Like a wise woman once said (merryish?), if a meteor hit me now, it could only be doing me a favor.

I seriously, seriously loved this ep.

A chick in Lj wrote that the ep just seemed so *odd* to her, and went on to explain why--Teyla singing is pretty much high up there in terms of wtf moments on television--and I nodded along and said, yes, because that's exactly why I loved it.

I have a serious thing any television show that has their chracters working under a time limit (aka 38 Minutes, Epiphany, etc.) because to me, it brings out the most interesting parts of any character. We all know what they think they would never do, and then we get to see what they really *won't* do, and here we have what I can honestly state I had no idea I was waiting for--grey line skidding into black.

The thing is, I totally agree. Even knowing it was wrong, wrong, wrong, because I do not believe in torture, period, do not do not do not--they didn't make the decision thinking it was the right thing to do. They act like they did, but with the exception of Caldwell and Ronon, everyone twitched and kept twitching after the fact, and that pleases me, because honestly, if you are going to skid across the grey lines of morality into the black zone of never going back, you'd damn well better be aware that what you're doing is *wrong*. Poisoning the Well still bothers me, in a good way, in the very fact that there *was* no protracted morality debate over Steve the Wraith becoming Carson's Experimental Animal #1. I even see why. But compare and contrast, and I am satisified and somewhat amused too.

What pleases me most is I completely support the decisions made. In a terminal choice between right and expedient, the one or the many, them versus us, latter usually wins. Add to that--they don't like Kavanagh. Which is just *icing* because there is no way that Elizabeth and John *don't* know that they all authorized this, at least in part, because it wasn't someone they liked.

And well, Kavanagh is dumb. I know, I'm prejudiced too, but thought--you are being held for questioning. You have some seriously suspicious behavior going on. There is a bomb in the city and your behavior will actually kind of directly decide if they pursue other suspects or nail you down YOU ACT LIKE A FREAKING MORON AND INSULT YOUR INTERROGATOR IN EVERY CONCEIVABLE WAY. That is not smart. It does not get you points for courage. It gives you points for never perpetuating your genes throughout the gene pool, because we seriously do not need that kind of idiocy in the future of the human race. Sorry, but while I get Kavanagh was insulted, he was also just being a asshole just because he could be, knowing it would make him more of a suspect, and frankly not caring. I don't respect that. I really don't care if Elizabeth is Atlantis' answer to Mussolini, this is a crisis, so please pull your short pants up and act like an adult who is trying to help, or hell, KEEP FROM DYING, hey, think selfishly instead of with your freaking ego.

Maybe more thoughts later, but honestly, I loved it so much. But keep in mind, I just emerged from Smallville, and one day, honestly, SGA former SV fen should get together and we will make a long, long list explaining how SGA is like an act of God to us with continuity and character development, because oh dear God, Smallville did things that were against the Geneva Convention on cruelty to viewers.

Mmm. I feel better now.
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