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The Toybox

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Thirteen Songs I Totally Am Not Ashamed I Love, Plus Nights In White Satin, Which Realy Makes More S
children of dune - leto 1
This is my weakness. Wrote shaving porn for amireal through the cunning use of being blackmailed within an inch of my life. Huh. Basically, I had really good spinach pizza tonight and feel no pain. Except for maybe a little indigestion. It was good pizza.

Oceans Apart, Richard Marx - this is twelve-to-fourteen year old jenn teenangst music. Seriously, get me drinking and I can tell you *all about* how I connected with Richard Marx while writing the equivalent of Phantom of the Opera fanfic. *Fourteen*.

Nights in White Satin, Moody Blues -- Do we need to go here? No? Good.

I'll Remember, Madonna - ex-boyfriend music. No, a good one! We parted amicably, being citizens of different countries and all, and it was only later he went crazy and became an asshole, then became a lawyer. Huh. I totally *connected* with this when I got home and was all, aww, I miss my Finnish boyfriend.

Take Me Back, Erasure - ex-boyfriend music, college. My roommate was on a Depeche Mode/Erasure thing and I remember making out to this and being very disturbed even then by the fro-ing and to-ing butterflies. Let's never discuss the fact that upon downloading, I could still sing *every word*.

Toy Soldiers, Martika - twelve to fourteen year old teen angst. See Oceans Apart.

Drops of Jupiter, Train - Okay, I love this one without reservation. One third of the fanfic I've written since X-Men has been helped along a *lot* by this sucker, including all of Jus Ad Bellum. I have no idea, but it clicks on some part of my head when I've had enough distance between binge listening. By binge, I mean, three hour repeats.

Things Will Never Be the Same, Roxette - ex-boyfriend music. See I'll Remember, but during, not after. Mikko turned me onto Roxette in a big way. It's extremely associative and one of the first songs I got online when I um, downloaded stuff.

Stay, Shakespeare's Sister - this is more huh music. I saw the video in Finland but never could remember the artist, so I used to search for titles that started with Stay. Suffice to say, trial and error until I got it right, but it's one of my favorites, mostly because the vid was *so* cool to seventeen year old me, with the devil and the chains and the blue light. At least, I think there was blue light. Also it was English, of which there was a sad lack in my life, which explains also why I bonded with Ace of Base in a big way.

Alone, Heart - remnant of childhood. I heard it again off of American Idol and pestered svmadelyn to get it for me. I just love this one.

All or Nothing, O-Town - okay, this one is when I was going through that popslash thing and I read this story and thought, you know, if I'm reading about them fucking, I should probably listen to their music. This is the only song I liked. Also leading later to buying Justin Timberlake's album, but let's never, ever go there.

It's Over Now, Neve - X-Men era, when all of my friends were watching Dawson's Creek, so I did too. Let's never speak of this again.

Kiss the Rain, Billy Myers -- I wrote most of On Love and Lust At Mutant High to this one. I still listen to it when I re-read.

Summer Rain, Belinda Carlyle - seriously, this one gets me *every time*. I like music associated with rain and storms, so lookie, there we go. Pretty. Very pretty.

Please Forgive Me, Bryan Adams - high school graduation. Man, that felt good.

How Do You Talk to an Angel - yeah. No. It was a show, I liked it, and that's all I have to say on the subject. Like, ever.

ETTA: For an explanation of--a lot of things, actually, go here, hwere svmadelyn explains how she broke my heart.

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(Deleted comment)
*sad* I think I gave you nearly half of those. And I cannot stop listening to Ty Herndon now.

Huh. Kiss the Rain. I haven't heard that in years.

*sighs* Yes. Yes, you did. And some you just *had on your computer already*.

Of course, I'm listening to Sarah McLachlan right now and bonding with my inner angst monkey, so I am no judge.

How Do You Talk to an Angel

[random-ass trivia]
I knew the songwriter. Barry... shit, what was his last name? Barry and Megan... damn. Married into family friends of ours, showed up one Christmas crowing about show placement and showed us a video, their teensy daughter was in it for like, five seconds.

I always felt vaguely guilty that I couldn't stand the show, not even for Barry's song ;)
[/random-ass trivia]

Billie Myers! Yay!! And also Shakespeare's Sister. Didn't that video have lesbian subtext, or am I making things up?

How Do You Talk to an Angel

Oh dear-oh dear.

*munches on cookie*

Feeling better now.

Wow! Haven't heard Kiss the Rain in forever. Brings back memories. So does Toy Soldiers...boy, I used to know all the lyrics to that one. Now I'm really feeling old.

As for Drops of Jupiter, even if I didn't love it already, the knowledge it had a part in bringing Jus Ad Bellum to life just ups it in my esteem.

Richard Marx. How I loved him!!! Thank you for sharing these with us!

The Moody Blues are a great, great band! Remember the album with the um, what's his name... Maxfield Parrish artwork on the cover? Love Love Love.

A few years back I bought the Richard Marx Greatest Hits CD merely for "Right Here Waiting" and "Hold on the the Nights". *sigh* I love cheesy eighties music!

Dear god. If I made my list, fully half of these songs would be on it. :)

Dude. Richard Marx! I'd nearly forgotten about him, but I confess I revelled in his Songs of Pain and Angst in high school. Oh yes.

Grabbing the Moody Blues and the Roxette. That's all my crappy internet connection can handle right now. I'll be back for some of the others. Thank you for uploading!

I remember that "Stay" video! It was reall effective in the light that it was done with something like two bucks!

My total angst song is Billie Meyer's "sleeping beauty". I have to confess that I even wrote a songfic for it...

I still love Things Will Never Be The Same. I like the angst.
When were you Finland?

hee! I love hearing about your Finnish boyfriend. I assume you were an exchange student here?

And thanks for sharing the music. No shame here!

writing the equivalent of Phantom of the Opera fanfic

Oooh, tell me more!

Also: I so have to grab some of those songs when I'm back home tonight :-) .

Oh, my. I just flashbacked something chronic. I might have to do a wacky 80's music post (Bon Jovi! :headbangs:) now.

and uh, look for more Roxette.

*makes off with Kiss the Rain*

I haven't heard that in forever - damn, takes me back to being a mopey, maudlin teenager again. Versus the mopey, maudlin adult I am now. ;)

*steals Stay* Oh, I totally have vivid memories of that vidclip, of that song, but I haven't heard it since... well, since it was released, pretty much.

Oh, man. Is it embarrassing to say that I both got teary listening to it *and* at one stage had to stand up, close my eyes, and sway dance in a highly self-indulgent way?

Man, this is so going on my Angst Songs playlist.

I love "Stay" by Shakespeare's Sister!!!!

Stay, Shakespeare's Sister

Eee! Found a Stargate vid using that song once and I've been looking for it ever since. Thanks. :)

EEee, shame music! Grabbed a few. :D

Oceans Apart, Richard Marx

Oh my GOD, I was convinced this song was written specifically with me and my...boyfriend?(type-person *hem*) in high school. SCARY but no shame :)

Hahahaha! I have more than a few of these already on my computer *g* I'm glad you're not ashamed to love these songs, because that means I don't have to be either ^_~

No shame! No shame should be found! I think I'm stealing about half of these... Thanks! :-)

Nights in White Satan is the only one of these I'm sure I've heard. Thanks for the chance to find out what I'm missing.

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