Seperis (seperis) wrote,

Thirteen Songs I Totally Am Not Ashamed I Love, Plus Nights In White Satin, Which Realy Makes More S

This is my weakness. Wrote shaving porn for amireal through the cunning use of being blackmailed within an inch of my life. Huh. Basically, I had really good spinach pizza tonight and feel no pain. Except for maybe a little indigestion. It was good pizza.

Oceans Apart, Richard Marx - this is twelve-to-fourteen year old jenn teenangst music. Seriously, get me drinking and I can tell you *all about* how I connected with Richard Marx while writing the equivalent of Phantom of the Opera fanfic. *Fourteen*.

Nights in White Satin, Moody Blues -- Do we need to go here? No? Good.

I'll Remember, Madonna - ex-boyfriend music. No, a good one! We parted amicably, being citizens of different countries and all, and it was only later he went crazy and became an asshole, then became a lawyer. Huh. I totally *connected* with this when I got home and was all, aww, I miss my Finnish boyfriend.

Take Me Back, Erasure - ex-boyfriend music, college. My roommate was on a Depeche Mode/Erasure thing and I remember making out to this and being very disturbed even then by the fro-ing and to-ing butterflies. Let's never discuss the fact that upon downloading, I could still sing *every word*.

Toy Soldiers, Martika - twelve to fourteen year old teen angst. See Oceans Apart.

Drops of Jupiter, Train - Okay, I love this one without reservation. One third of the fanfic I've written since X-Men has been helped along a *lot* by this sucker, including all of Jus Ad Bellum. I have no idea, but it clicks on some part of my head when I've had enough distance between binge listening. By binge, I mean, three hour repeats.

Things Will Never Be the Same, Roxette - ex-boyfriend music. See I'll Remember, but during, not after. Mikko turned me onto Roxette in a big way. It's extremely associative and one of the first songs I got online when I um, downloaded stuff.

Stay, Shakespeare's Sister - this is more huh music. I saw the video in Finland but never could remember the artist, so I used to search for titles that started with Stay. Suffice to say, trial and error until I got it right, but it's one of my favorites, mostly because the vid was *so* cool to seventeen year old me, with the devil and the chains and the blue light. At least, I think there was blue light. Also it was English, of which there was a sad lack in my life, which explains also why I bonded with Ace of Base in a big way.

Alone, Heart - remnant of childhood. I heard it again off of American Idol and pestered svmadelyn to get it for me. I just love this one.

All or Nothing, O-Town - okay, this one is when I was going through that popslash thing and I read this story and thought, you know, if I'm reading about them fucking, I should probably listen to their music. This is the only song I liked. Also leading later to buying Justin Timberlake's album, but let's never, ever go there.

It's Over Now, Neve - X-Men era, when all of my friends were watching Dawson's Creek, so I did too. Let's never speak of this again.

Kiss the Rain, Billy Myers -- I wrote most of On Love and Lust At Mutant High to this one. I still listen to it when I re-read.

Summer Rain, Belinda Carlyle - seriously, this one gets me *every time*. I like music associated with rain and storms, so lookie, there we go. Pretty. Very pretty.

Please Forgive Me, Bryan Adams - high school graduation. Man, that felt good.

How Do You Talk to an Angel - yeah. No. It was a show, I liked it, and that's all I have to say on the subject. Like, ever.

ETTA: For an explanation of--a lot of things, actually, go here, hwere svmadelyn explains how she broke my heart.
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