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rec - Untalented and Completely Unprepared, But Giving It His Best Shot Anyway by Dasha
children of dune - leto 1
Untalented and Completely Unprepared, But Giving It His Best Shot Anyway by Dasha, which wins for Best and Longest Freaking Title Ever. It's also shockingly good, and I mean that in a h/c that makes so much *sense*, though I'm not sure it actually qualifies as h/c. Fine, fascinating plot, a really good Rodney voice. John has an allergic reaction. Rodney does not panic. And I say this again. Rodney DOES NOT PANIC. Which in itself makes him panic. I think. Seriously, really good stuff here.

Courtesey of amireal, who totally knows how to keep me entertained.

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So I can put away the tassles now?

Yay, thanks for the link:)*am off to read*

Ta much for the rec -- I enjoyed it too!

Jenn, thank you for all the recs, really.

Yesh, I love your recs. <3

Ooh, cool! *scurries off to download*

Thanks for the rec. It was really good. :)

I'm reading the story you recommended here.

And I'm confused... There's a problem in Atlantis at the beginning, and that's why the West wing loses power and the pods open.

So, why, then, are they *not* in Atlantis? *is confused* *scrolls back up*

Still, confident Rodney is always good.

(I also had that problem- didn't realize they were off-world at first.)

Oh, good so it's not me, it's the story. :D

I re-read the beginning and no where is it said that they're off world. So, Ancients+pods+wings = sounds like Atlantis to me, not off-world.

Still, I quite liked the story.

Yes. The character bits were awesome, and the "Sheppard has an alergic reaction" was also nifty. The setting needs to be clarified.

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