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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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*eyes narrowed dangerously*
children of dune - leto 1
Sekrit and completly public message to svmadelyn:

*narrowed eyes*

Somewhere'verse ends with Lex leaving Clark for Chloe and her triplets, buys three dogs, and eventually they rule the world.

*deep breath*

Clark cries and goes to live with his mother for the rest of his life, watching Reality TV. Specifically, Big Brother.

*dusts hands off* I'm done here.

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*snickers and coughs to hide it* Big Brother, huh? *rolls around in the irony of that*

...do we really want this to descend into all out war? Rather, do you really? You and I both know what that would entail.

You sit on that for a few minutes and really think this *through*.

Also, pipe down, your heart is not BROKEN.

Is there anyway this could end well?

Of course not - it's just going to get messy - pretty soon Chloe will have quadruplets and Clark will be hanging out on street corners turning tricks. While he's doing this, he will meet a very mouthy Canadian astrophysicist, and then everything will go to hell when we find Clark taking up residence in the Pegasus galaxy and John will collapse once he realizes that not only is Clark taller, but he has cooler hair.

Hey! That's not the ending I was begging for on my Wish List! *glares* But I promised gingersnaps for anyone who writes an ending to that fic, so........ *grabs Jenn and force feeds her 5 dozen gingersnaps, then straps her to my office chair and spins it a bazillion times, really fast* Uh.....anyone got a mop?


*wakes up*

*sobs bitter tears*

...and I suppose all three dogs are named "Cerberus?"

"Here, Cerberus! No, not you, the other one. Yeah, you."

Nooooo!!! Stop fligning around evil evil words we all know you don't mean! Can't you two just make peace? Think of the children!
*Comfortingly hugs all the little slashers whose hearts will obviously be broken by this in a scene out of Oliver*

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