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Got my Christmas on at The Famous Christmas Store, still one of my favorite places on the planet, where all your Christmas decorating kinks can be answered. I overbought ornaments, something I'm sure is a surprise to no one, but honestly, I love decorating. I mean, true, I lack taste, talent, and that inexplicable thing known as 'class', but the ooh, pretty alwasy gets me. So I have eight new ornaments to add to my collection. One day, they may grow up into a full tree's worth.

But seriously, the neatest part, for me, is the trees they have decorated in there. It's always so cool, in color theme or object theme, with massive balls the size of--well. Um, massive balls. Huge fruit things, those gold streamers you wind through, beautiful handpainted angels, and a French eighteenth century ballroom, opera, church, and carousel that isn't for buying, butu looking, but so pretty. Entire sections of different types of ornaments, for the fisherman, the Aggie, the music major, etc in you. The unnique trees that are bigger on top than bottom, hanging with silver streamers, iciles, silvery strands of tinsel, like living ice. Every single humanly possible kind of decoration. It's a very, very wonderful store. And Christ, they must make a lot fo money. I never go in there but it is full and waiting for the registers to be free.

It's also open a month out of the year. But seriously, for a mindboggling variety, it works.


bravesthope has an meme up--who intimidates you? I signed up here, though hand to God, if you're intimidated by me, you really haven't read this journal enough. *grins*. You can answer here.

One of my ornaments does this strobe thing. So. Cool. *bounces*
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