Seperis (seperis) wrote,


Mmm. Fic.

Inflorescence by eliade, which is so *cute. Three words. Alien sex pollen. I'm done here.

Three Stories From Three Fandoms by mirabile_dictu, so I don't know LOTRIPs, the other two are SG1 and SGA respectively, and both are *good*. I'm especially entranced with the quiet richness of the third one, in Atlantis' future, soft and sweet and has *baths*. It's a lovely Rodney pov, and it just--makes me ache in a really wonderful way. Read read read.

Comment Fic by out_there, which is *dirty* sex, and oh God, how can something so short be so hot? Wow.

Revelations by trinityofone, really fantastic AU of Sheppard and McKay. If you have religious sensibilities, I'd suggests tredding carefully, but other than that--oh God, the hot. The hot and guilty and dirty and totally wonderful, sweet and furtive too. I mean, seriously. Good stuff.
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