Seperis (seperis) wrote,

i could only wish i still possessed shame

cjandre: If you could have any kind of fic from me what would kind would you ask for right now?
Jenn: Bondage.
CJ: hee!
Jenn: Kinky.
Jenn: Possibly bloodplay.
Jenn: SGA of course.
Jenn: Knives are involved.
Jenn: I'm going to hell, aren't I?
CJ: First time? or Est. Relationship?
Jenn: *looks at list*
Jenn: mmmm, first time.
CJ: Mmmm
CJ: Any cliches?
Jenn: Dirty. Muddy.
CJ: Fuck or die is always good for blood play
Jenn: maybe injuries non sex related.
CJ: dirty muddy and blood?
Jenn: Oh, I like that.
Jenn: it's all good
Jenn: *sighs*
CJ: you want them to die of secondary infections don't you?
Jenn: It's very *clean* mud.
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