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Per my usual M.O., when stressed, me, HTML, and Adobe did some serious bonding.


So. Newish design of frameyness to the smallville index at It's just a sideline picture, so if you loathe frames with all your being, really, you don't have to use it, just use There are duo links on the fic page to go to either one. I just think it's pretty and it cheers me up, and dammit, I am going to cheer myself up here.

I did, however, take down most of the graphics. Trust me, I didn't want to, but two things moved me. One, long time to load, which I hate personally, though damn it was nice to look at. Two, bandwidth on the server, as this domain is limited, unlike our last one. I don't want to use it up like that, especially since Andy's got her videos and Beth's got Expectations and God knows, Pearl-o and Val need bandwidth too, so I'm trying to remove as much of the multi-hit stuff as possible. This possibly means my diaryland pic of Lex will have to come down. I'm still doing the math, but it looks like we're coming too close to the wire and it's just unfair to everyone. So. Like anyone's interested. *g*

Neat Things:

The lovely and highly talented Amanda Straw sent me a gorgeous, gorgeous cover for Somewhere I Have Never Travelled. This is why I rarely feel tempted to use Adobe, because I will NEVER have this eye for art. Wow.

Just. Wow.

*happy sigh*


Hiding in Plain Sight by dammitcarl. Jessica makes me melt, every time. Her single scenes are wonderful, and do Clark justice. Did I mention sweet? Because it is. Very much.

All the Trappings of Love by rageprufrock. Heh. I like this. THe ultimate love triangle. I think I recced this while it was in LJ, but it's now posted to the SSA. Very fun, very funny, and very good.

Maturity by rageprufrock. I'm a huge fan of bitter, figuring-it-out Lex. This *hurts*. Post-Suspect painfic, Lex pov. Beautifully written.

As the Night the Day by Alax and Dana. You need something light and fun to read? The authors do a rather interesting remake of Pretty Woman for Clark. Just go with it. You'll enjoy the ride.

Think of Me by ubertodd. Because there's nothing quite like angsting through a trilogy. Hee. Sequel to Tell Me and Believe Me, and ouch. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

A Typical Day for the Worker Bees of Smallville by mobiusklein. This so rocks. So funny. And I NEEDED that. *sighs*

My Leading Heart by myownspecialself. A lovely look at Clark and Lex. Relaxing for those of us still suffering from Suspect/Rush Issues.

Turning Over by Dangermouse. Hee! Okay, this was cute, funny, and so very Lex and Clark. Going for a drive in the truck for a VERY special purpose. Not what you think. And excellent all around.

Golden by CJ and reetchick. The entire Alien!Clark genre's never really appealed to me, but this story very much does. Beautifully developed, well-written, wiht a very interesting power thrown in there. A Clark I like and a Lex I can believe in. Both of which do much good.

I'm still not caught up in reading--I'm skipping around looking for happy things.

Like this.

Small Favors: Certain Achievements by ingrid. Beautifully written, a great Lex, and a Clark I remember I really do LIKE. Sequel to the first section, Small Favors.

And read this NOW, by thehoyden. So much fun and funniess in less than two hundred words. Er, I think less than two hundred. I didn't count.

For those who need to Work Out Suspect/Rush Issues....

Hurt Clark Hurt by rageprufrock. *thinks* I really think the title says it all, don't you?

Other Things

Resident Alien, my taxfic for the lovely Celli's challenge, has been added and is being posted. Minor editing, minor changes, nothing big.


Okay, you got me. I completely forgot the slashiness. Which there was, serious Red!Clark and Lex slashiness. Right, he was making out with a girl, but he was playing 'who's gonna be on top' with Lex, and I mean that one in every definition of the words.

For intelligent people speaking on the episode, go to latxcvi mulling here on the events of Suspect/Rush, bringing up some depressing but highly ponderable points on the subject.

Also, here for lexcorp_hope's usual take of the episode with some interesting thoughts.

taraljc ponders up the ChLarkness here and makes me wish I liked this ship, because damn, did THEY have a good night last night.

Per usual, my friends list is chock-full of Rushy thoughts, and of course, brand new levels of Clark-dislike. *grins* And here I thought Suspect was as bad as it can get. I keep pondering the idea of either jumping on teh bandwagon or going seriously reactive. Or, as Pearl-o and Livia and Beth say, write balanced fic. Which you know, not as much fun. *sighs patiently* Darn you all.

I do, however, want to write Lex and Lana fic, because those two had a bad, bad episode or couple of episodes between them. Not even pair them. Just let them have some coffee and mull on the bizarrity that is Clark Kent.

Okay, all done. Back to playing with Adobe and wondering if I can GROW artistic talent.
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