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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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because I actually would jump off a bridge if my friends were doing it
Okay, so it's lunch after a day that can only be described as bland, and I'm thinking, I have nothing to do! Let's write up that list!

Gakked from issaro, Ten Things To Know About Me.

Ten Things

1.) The movie The Ring, two years later, still scares the bejeebers out of me. Bejeebers, in case you are curious, is the highest form of terror in the jenn lexicon. Also included in this list are heights, claustrophobia, and snakes. I’d like to say I’m close to getting over it, but last night, just thinking about making this list reminded me of The Ring, and hello insomnia. Yeah. Nothing like watching the blank screen of your TV all night to really make your morning fun.

2.) I write. That is pretty much the entirety of my fannish participation. I feedback, I read, I write, I AIM people and pester them to write, sometimes I rec. Sometimes I moderate communities. Mostly, I’m a fandom slacker. This has led to a decrease in fannish entropy, less in the way of bitterness, and a surprisingly low blood pressure. Getting me to do something fannishly that isn’t one of the above will require blackmail. And you’d better have some seriously good dirt.

3.) I really, really hate flames, flamewars, and all flame paraphanalia. At least I hate it in the concrete. In the abstract, when it does not affect me or anyone I like, I read and mock other people’s lack of imagination. Yes, this is what I do with my limited free time. Flaming in my LJ is a bannable offense, unless I really like you a lot. I mean, a lot. Then I just may catch you on AIM and try in a passive aggressive way to make you say you are sorry. Or I may just pretend I didn’t see it, and I honestly don’t see why denial and repression aren’t embraced more openly. Trolls, however, are fair game. I’m lazy, not stupid.

4.) I really hate nutella. I mean, beyond all logic. It just bothers me. That and the recently discovered terror of vegemite, skim and extremely low fat milk, some kinds of artificial cheese, and liver.

5.) I love cookies. All kinds, all ways, all sizes, all varieties, especially the chocolate variety. I love coffee. Repeat. I love chocolate. Repeat. I have learned to love cream cheese on bagels, which was a mindblowing change in my tastes.

6.) My fandom is Stargate Atlantis; in the past – Smallville (2), Queer as Folk, Smallville (1), X-Men the Movie, Star Trek Voyager.

7.) Pretty much everything you need to know about me can be summarized by stupid cheese tricks.

8.) If you piss me off, I might post about it, minus names, because I’m passive aggressive like that, but that’s not likely, since, see two, fandom slacker. If you piss me off and you’re a friend I like a lot, I’ll go the less direct route and likely block you from my Trillian lists until I calm down enough to be reasonable. It really takes a lot to get me to display that level of energy. It’s happened five times in my LJ tenure, or so abouts. This is not likely to occur. I just really don’t often care.

9.) I unfriend for posting other people’s private entries public, for supporting the posting of private, non-feedback, non-direct-flame email public, and for gross breaches in another person’s privacy. There is very little I actually care about in fandom and online behavior, but privacy is a non-negotiable. That is pretty much the only time I’m punitive about unfriending and banning, because honestly, I have enough filtered and locked entries about my private life that even the possibility of being screwed over makes me twitchy. See number three for my only other hot button issue.

10.) In general, I like people until they give me concrete reasons not to. It takes a lot.

Hmm. Anything you think you should know about me?

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The movie The Ring, two years later, still scares the bejeebers out of me. Scariest. Movie. Ever. I can't even think about. *shudder* The creators of that movie must seriously not want people to watch TV.

Right after I saw it, my television set developed a tendency to turn fuzzy and snowy at random intervals. To this day, when this happens at night, the rational part of me flees in terror screaming "omg The Ring!" and I have to turn the television off. Just in case. (I may or may not also watch it for several moments after just to make sure it doesn't turn back on by itself and kill us all.)

Just thinking about it is enough. Oh look, anotehr sleepless night coming up This will be fun.

My favorite part of my life was when Showtime was running it over and over and over and even though I didn't watch? KNOWING it was on was enough.

I should move the TV. To another country.

The night after I had seen The Ring, and was going to sleep my tv turned back on by itself. Of course, it had the habit of doing that since my neighbor apparently had similiar remote control and sometimes my tv picked up the wrong signals. But, even though I knew that, I didn't help. I completely freaked out and kept staring at the tv for like 10 minutes after that, so that I won't turn back on and... yeah. Yikes.

Oh wow, no nutella? REally? You're the first. Interesting.
The vegemite I understand, terror is actually really suitable descriptive.

Bejeebers, in case you are curious, is the highest form of terror in the jenn lexicon.

Hee! My cousin Pam and I came up with the word "kaboobabibbies" to mean precisely the same thing.

7.) Pretty much everything you need to know about me can be summarized by stupid cheese tricks.

That's quite possibly the most brilliant thing ever.

Hmm. Anything you think you should know about me?
Yes, please, how do you feel about anonymous people who comment on your entries or stories? Just wondering...
Also, if I may, Nutella must not have been presented to you in the right way, how can a chocolate lover not like it, it has hundreds of uses in hundreds of wonderful recipes... I personally cannot keep it in the house or else I'm not at peace until I eat the whole thing straight out of the vase, but I live in Italy, so it's probably cultural conditioning at work.

You noticed the screening, hmm?

Two years ago, I got an anonymous troll. It was fun, like drugs after root canals are fun, but also interestingly wakening, since the entire troll/flame thing had never happened to me before and so, when my flist and I got bored with the troll, I started screening all anonymous comments.

But it's not a personal, never darken my lj kind of a thing. I like anonymous. I'm good with anonymous. I am all for it. I just want to make sure that whatever's posted isn't, well, troll like. Even that I'd probably let through after I read it, to be honest, but I want the warning.

For reference, the Troll Thing is here and here.

On the other hand, everyone had a good time, I think.

On the other hand, everyone had a good time, I think.

Yeah, pretty much so. I was charmed when she went to private e-mail to attempt to get the last word in. It made it so much fun to ban her from my LJ and e-dress.


I appreciate you answering. When I read a story that particularly moves me, I often go to the comments page, but then hold back from posting because it seems rude, somehow, since I'm not part of the Community. On the other hand, sometimes when I'm still smiling goofily from a story I particularly enjoyed, I throw all caution to the wind and break through, hoping like hell that I'm not annoying the very writers who are responsible for the above mentioned smile. Needless to say, you are often one of the writers who move me, so...thanks.

Also, if I may, Nutella [], how can a chocolate lover not like it,

Well if you really like chocolate because it just isn't chocolatey enough I expect.

And uh- oh yes- thanks for the recs at the bottom of the cheese thing, extra reading always welcome.

It's--ther'es something fundamentally wrong with the concept. I have no idea how to explain it.

Glad the rec was fun!

Hee! This was interesting. I might even give this meme a go myself ^_~

How old is your child? *curious*

Cute age! *pinches his cheeks*

How do you keep your great sense of humor? I read some of the Cheese stuff and you kept your humor and class though the parts I read.

I'm sorry that you had to deal with someone like that...what they said was uncalled for and very strange. I think they were jealous and it made them mean.

Re: Question for Jenn

I love my cheese. I seriously, seriously do. That was just fun.

Er, the troll? It's--I have a suspicion on the identity, and it was completely freaky but at least understandable.

some the cheese thing doesn't surprise me....after creamer!atlantis...? not so much. *g* i now know more about you. now, question, paper or plastic?

Wow, you're the only other person I've ever heard of who hates nutella. For me it's kind of a combination of the smell and the texture that does it for me. Why some people are basically obsessed with it is completely beyond me.

Seriously, ick. *shudders*


kinda lurker here.

but about the ring? i can totally completely absolutely relate. i watched it two years ago and am still TERRIFIED. but i'd actually have to say that the grudge took its place as SCARIEST THING EVER when i saw it two years ago.

um. but i really like nutella.

and your writing.

hi :]

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